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Guest Post: The John C. Leggett Papers

Leggett Papers Survey

The John C. Leggett Papers, a collection illuminating the class and race struggles of 1960s Detroit, is now available for research. Leggett, a sociologist and academic, focused his studies on the impacts of labor and race on society. The collection, spanning from 1955-1960, contains academic writings and research related to those studies.  read more »

Guest Post: Processing with Karen Turk, Raven Awardee

(46486) Raven Award, Karen Turk

From the minutiae of removing rusted metal fasteners to discussing the legalities of redacting personally identifiable information,  read more »

Judge Damon J. Keith: Summer GSA Project

(28531) Judge Damon Keith, 1988

As a graduate student assistant from the School of Information Science, I had a unique opportunity this summer to work on an archival project in the Walter P. Reuther Library. Although my primary professional interest has been working as a librarian once I graduate, I have often wondered about the work of an archivist and some of the things that go on within the Reuther on a day-to-day basis. My task this summer was to create a lesson plan on a subject of my choosing for the Archives and Primary Resources Lab (APREL). After much consideration I decided to focus my project on Judge Damon J. Keith. I wanted my topic to be relevant yet timeless, and of great importance to communities across metro-Detroit.  read more »

The Origins and Impact of the "Women’s Mob," The United Community Services Women’s Committee

(38591) Women's Committee, United Community Services

Today it is known as the fundraising branch of the United Way of Southeastern Michigan, but in 1935 it was the Detroit Community Fund and it was $150,000 in debt. Out of this crisis, the Women’s Mob was born. Looking at the lackluster state of community service funds raised by the City of Detroit,  read more »

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