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Brown Bag Presentation: Jeremy Milloy on addiction and the American workforce

(8742) Ford, Plants, Highland Park, Michigan

Join the Reuther Library this Wednesday, August 29, for a brown bag research presentation from Jeremy Milloy, PhD., who visits us from Trent University in Ontario.

Describing his work, Milloy explains, "Beginning in the 1960s, drug use by workers became a major societal concern in the United States and Canada. This discovery of a 'drug problem' among workers was a historic shift with meaningful consequences for workers, employers, unions, and the North American workplace.  read more »

Discovering Unexpected Newspapers at the Reuther Library

As part of my NextGen program participation, I was asked to help the Reuther Library create some teaching materials that would help students engage with primary sources. Being a PhD Student at Wayne’s History Department, I took on the task with enthusiasm. What I found ended up being far more significant for the field of labor history than I anticipated.  read more »

Brown Bag Research Discussion, July 12 - "Democracy is Sweeping Over the World:" Transnational Radicalism During the "Jazz Age."

(6199) Brookwood Labor College; Class Meetings

Please join the Reuther Library from 12-1 this Thursday, July 12, for a research presentation by Andreas Meyris on 1920s radicalism and its impact on the New Deal.

Meyris studies American networks of radicalism and reform during the "roaring twenties." While historians correctly describe the twenties as "lean years" for progressive action, Meyris argues that American opposition to the corporate capitalism of the Republican Party becomes more significant when studying this decade. Twenties radicalism, then, may have played an important role in shaping New Deal reforms.

Meyris plans to investigate the Reuther Library’s Brookwood Labor College Records in particular. The school played an important role  read more »

Podcast: Jessica Levy on "Black Power, Inc.: Global American Business and the Post-Apartheid City"

(11988) Mandela at AFSCME Convention

Check out the latest episode of Tales From the Reuther Library, our bi-weekly podcast! This episode, Jessica Levy explains how American corporations and black entrepreneurs worked together to forge a new politics linking American business with black liberation at home and abroad, focusing particularly on Leon Howard Sullivan,  read more »

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