Guest Post: The Ronald Raven Annual Award, Winter 2018

Guest post by Anita Millers
I am honored to be chosen as the most recent recipient of the Ronald Raven Award. I have a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University (WSU) and am enrolled in the Graduate Certificate Program in Archival Administration.  read more »

Michigan Dance Archives at the Reuther Library

(38449) Harriet Berg dancing, 1960s

Recent work on papers donated to the Reuther Library has created new interest in the Michigan Dance Archives, which focuses on the history of dance in the Detroit metro area and across Michigan. The Michigan Dance Archives (MDA) was established in 1994 to acquire and preserve the rich heritage of Michigan dance, and it includes the papers of its founder Harriet Berg.  read more »

Brown Bag Presentation: Jeremy Milloy on addiction and the American workforce

(8742) Ford, Plants, Highland Park, Michigan

Join the Reuther Library this Wednesday, August 29, for a brown bag research presentation from Jeremy Milloy, PhD., who visits us from Trent University in Ontario.

Describing his work, Milloy explains, "Beginning in the 1960s, drug use by workers became a major societal concern in the United States and Canada. This discovery of a 'drug problem' among workers was a historic shift with meaningful consequences for workers, employers, unions, and the North American workplace.  read more »

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