Archivist Spotlight: SWE Archivist Troy Eller English


The Walter P. Reuther Library has been the official archival repository for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) since 1993. Founded in 1950, SWE is a not-for-profit educational and service organization that advocates for women to pursue engineering, advance in the profession, and to be recognized for their contributions as engineers and leaders. Troy Eller English, SWE Archivist, regularly contributes articles on the organization's history to SWE Magazine and All Together, SWE's online newsletter. Links to her work in those publications can be found here.

All Together

August 2014: "...You Will Hardly Be Able To Form An Organization"
July 2014: "I Mean, I've Been Very Happy"
June 2014: "But Then I Wouldn't Be Here Tonight Receiving an Achievement Award..."
April 2014: The Human Side of Engineering
March 2014: Fifty Years An Engineer
February 2014: Everybody Was Telling Me What I Couldn’t Do
January 2014: Average Starting Salary of $362 a Month: A Look Back at 1953
December 2013: Where Do We Go From Here?
November 2013: Lillian Moller Gilbreth and the Human Side of Automation
November 2013: SWE’s First Achievement Award Speech: “Why Do You Keep Trying to Fly Faster?”
September 2013: "And Nobody said 'Congratulations'..."
July 2013: There's More Than One Path to Engineering
June 2013: "No, I Don't Make the Coffee"
May 2013: Announcing a New Arrival
May 2013: Wondering Whether to Pursue an MBA?
March 2013: “Through a Series of Unfortunate Events…”
February 2013: The Flip Side
January 2013: The New Kid
December 2012: “Don’t Beat Yourself Up – It’s Because You’re a Girl”
November 2012: Engineering Lunchboxes and Thanksgiving Dinner
October 2012: Castoff Typewriters and a Pile of Mail: The First Days of the SWE Headquarters
September 2012: The Center of Information
August 2012: On The Road Again
July 2012: More than Cookies: SWE and the Girl Scouts
June 2012: “We Must Not Forget That We Have Other Responsibilities”
May 2012: Excerpts from “The Diary of Mrs. Female Engineer, or Why Career Women Like to Eat in Restaurants”
April 2012: Someday We Won’t Have these Situations
March 2012: Facetiousness and Humor are the Spice of Life
February 2012: Why Men Join SWE
January 2012: Patience and Persistence Pays Off When Finding Your First Job
December 2011: ‘Tis the Season for Giving
November 2011: Road to the White House: Jill Tietjen Explains the Nomination of Yvonne Brill for the National Medal of Technology and Innovation
September 2011: Latin, Coffeepots and Student Outreach
August 2011: "We Don't Hire Women"
May 2011: Taking Charge: Three SWE Members Explain Why They Became Entrepreneurs in a StoryCorps Interview
April 2011: Overcoming Difficult First Days On the Job: SWE Members Share Their Experiences In a StoryCorps Interview
April 2011: Visit the SWE Archive Page

Journal of the Society of Women Engineers

60th Anniversary Edition, 2011: Preface

SWE Magazine

Spring 2014: Growing Board, Growing Pains
Winter 2014: Changing of the Guard
Conference 2013: Making Connections and Making History
Conference 2013: Recognizing Women Engineers on the Rise
Fall 2013: A Rose By Any Other Name?
Spring 2013: The Women Question
Winter 2013: SWE's Far-flung Members
Conference 2012: Early Efforts to Connect Women Engineers
Fall 2012: Title IX Changed Education and Changed SWE
Spring 2012: New Threads in Women's History
Spring 2012: Tracing the Lines of Rebellion
Winter 2012: SWE Members Recognized for Their Achievements as Engineers and Citizens
Conference 2011: Career Fair
Fall 2011: SWE Mosaic of Memories Quilt
Fall 2011: Coloring a Bright Future for Young Girls
Summer 2011: Dear Miss Eaves
Spring 2011: Models and Metrics Remind Members That More Progress Is Needed
Winter 2011: SWE Goes to Washington
Conference 2010: Petticoats and Slide Rules: Old Name, New Exhibit
Conference 2010: Recognizing Members' Extraordinary Investments In SWE
Fall 2010: Student Outreach Takes SWE Back to Its Roots
Summer 2010: Success on Your Own Terms: 60 Years of Inspiring Perspectives
Summer 2010: Big Trees From Little Acorns Grow
Spring 2010: From Baseball to Bylaws at Camp Green
Winter 2010: Expanding Diversity, Expanding Programs
Conference 2009: Building the Current of Women Engineers
Conference 2009: Using Oral History for Inreach, Outreach, and Continuing Research: The SWE Grassroots Oral History Project Toolkit
Fall 2009: Tinkering With Success
Summer 2009: Lights, Camera, Action
Spring 2009: Dressed for Success
Winter 2009: A Different Kind of Auxiliary
Conference 2008: Collegiate Conference Program Evolves to Suit the Times
Fall 2008: Collegiate Section Awards