Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

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The Society of Women Engineers was founded in 1950 by women engineering students and professionals who sought to support women in engineering as well as to encourage young women to pursue and excel in the male-dominated field. Although membership has grown from 61 founding members in 1950 to more than 30,000 members in 2017, women remain a minority in the engineering and technology fields and SWE continues its mission to support and promote practicing and aspiring women engineers.

The SWE quick link returns all content that has been tagged SWE, which currently contains collection abstracts, audio files and images. Please note the pager at the bottom of this page. Your main contact at the Reuther is Troy Eller English - Society of Women Engineers Archivist (SWE).

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(1211) Yvonne Brill, PortraitImage
(1212) Clara Brock, PortraitImage
(1213) Kay Broughton, PortraitImage
(1214) Elayne Brower, PortraitImage
(1215) Pat Brown, At WorkImage
(1216) Pat Brown, At WorkImage
(1217) Pat Brown, PortraitImage
(1218) LeEarl Bryant, PortraitImage
(1219) LeEarl Bryant, At WorkImage
(1220) Ilene Busch-Vishniac, PortraitImage
(1221) Kathleen Callanan, PortraitImage
(1222) Jessie Cambra, PortraitImage
(1223) Bonita Campbell, PortraitImage
(1224) Carolyn Campbell, At WorkImage
(1225) Sharon Cascadden, PortraitImage
(1226) Aileen Cavanagh, PortraitImage
(1227) Grace Chow, PortraitImage
(1228) Hanka Chryssafopoulos, PortraitImage
(1229) Susan Cischke, PortraitImage
(1230) Wallace Clark, PortraitImage
(1231) Yvonne Clark, PortraitImage
(1232) Yvonne Clark, PortraitImage
(1233) Deborah Coates-DeBoer, PortraitImage
(1234) Lynn Conway, PortraitImage
(1235) Esther Conwell, PortraitImage
(1236) Lois Cooper, PortraitImage
(1237) Sarah Louise Corbin, PortraitImage
(1238) Geraldine Cox, PortraitImage
(1239) Stacey Bright Culver, PortraitImage
(1240) Betty Davey, Fellow Certificate, 1980 National ConventionImage
(1241) Clarence Davies, PortraitImage
(1242) Deborah Davis, PortraitImage
(1243) Siddika Demir, PortraitImage
(1244) Nance Dicciani, Achievement Award, 1987 National ConventionImage
(1245) Joel DiGirolamo, At WorkImage
(1246) Mildred Dresselhaus, PortraitImage
(1247) Bonnie Dunbar, NASA Shuttle Mission CrewImage
(1248) Bonnie Dunbar, Conference On Women in EngineeringImage
(1249) Bonnie Dunbar, PortraitImage
(1250) Bonnie Dunbar, PortraitImage
(1251) Elsie Eaves, PortraitImage
(1252) Catherine Eiden, At WorkImage
(1253) Shryl Emhoff, PortraitImage
(1254) Patricia Eng, PortraitImage
(1255) Mabel Esteves Velasquez, PortraitImage
(1256) Thelma Estrin, PortraitImage
(1257) Peggy Evanich, PortraitImage
(1258) Debra Evans, PortraitImage
(1259) Daryl Lynn Farley, PortraitImage
(1260) Carolyn Fazzolari, PortraitImage