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Women's American ORT (WAO) was founded October 12, 1927, to assist ORT in providing financial support to the ORT program serving Eastern European Jews. ORT’s mission is to strengthen communities throughout the world through education.

Glennwood, a chapter of Women’s American ORT Michigan Region, formed on April 3, 1962, in the Detroit area. It received its charter from New York and formed under the auspices of Town & Country ORT. Glennwood was named in honor of astronaut John Glenn, and at its inception had twenty-three members. In the early days this chapter supported the ORT School of Engineering in Jerusalem. They continue to support all ORT schools. A large portion of the money they raised went to M.O.T (Maintenance ORT Training), which supports schools, provides teacher training, materials and equipment, classrooms and laboratories. In 1975 Glenwood ORT received the Education Award given by the Michigan Region WAO. They have followed ORT International’s common causes to help Jewish people better themselves and helped to educate people around the world.

The bulk of materials relates to the organization’s internal operations and programming, including photographs, program fliers, newsletters, and meeting minutes, dating back to their origin in 1962.

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