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Collection Spotlight: UAW Local 174 Mural

(35325) Local 174 Mural, "Untitled," 1937

In 1937, United Auto Workers Local 174 sponsored the creation of a series of murals to enliven their Union Hall and celebrate their rich, if relatively young, history. The resulting work proved to be one of the most memorable pieces of Detroit’s New Deal-era artwork.  read more »

Exhibit Announcement: Belle Isle State Park Photos on Display

(19457) Parks, Belle Isle, Recreation, Detroit, 1910s

Belle Isle became Michigan’s 102nd State Park in 2014 through a lease agreement made with the City of Detroit. In honor of this occasion, the Reuther Library presents an exhibition of images that show the important role the park has played in the lives of Detroit’s residents. The exhibition will run from August 2016 to December 2016.  read more »

Collection Spotlight: The Edward Stanton Photographs

(33827) Street Scenes, Children, Black Bottom, Detroit

The Reuther Library is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Edward Stanton Photographs. The collection features the earliest surviving work of the Detroit-born photographer, Edward Stanton (1914-2006), and includes images taken in Detroit’s Paradise Valley and Black Bottom neighborhoods in the years surrounding the end of the Great Depression.  read more »

HistoryPin: Tour Detroit during the Second World War

(33928) HistoryPin Tour Map: Detroit in World War II

The Reuther Library is pleased to announce the launch of a new HistoryPin tour: Detroit and World War II

The interactive tour features images that highlight the role of everyday citizens in the war effort between the years 1940-1945. Topics featured include military draft and recruitment, mobilization, salvage drives, rationing, community events, and defense work. Of particular interest are photographs of industrial training, the daily life of prisoners of war held at Fort Wayne, U.S.O. recreation activities, and community involvement in the war effort.  read more »

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