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TitleDate RangeFamilyAccession Number
AAUP Wayne State University Chapter Records1940-1973 LR000662
AAUW Detroit Records1942-1999UR002481
Willoughby Abner Papers1940s-1973UP000545
ACLU of Michigan: Metropolitan Detroit Branch Records1952-1966 UR000231
ACLU Oakland County Branch Records1970-1984UR001170
Action Coalition of Strikers Records1994-2001, bulk 1995-1997UR001694
Stephen Adamcyk Papers1937-1972 LP000562
Joseph Adams Papers1939LP001111
AFA Chicago/Rosemont: McDonald v. UAL Case Records1959-1992, bulk 1965-1984LR002386
AFA Washington, D.C.: McDonald v. UAL Case Records1980-1989LR002385
AFL-CIO Metropolitan Detroit Records1918-1967LR000053_MD
AFL-CIO Records1916-1952
Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO Council: Tom Turner Records1920-1968, bulk 1968-1984LR000053
Michigan AFL-CIO Records1930-1981LR000102
Michigan AFL-CIO: August Scholle Records1937-1945LR000110
Michigan AFL-CIO: Lansing Office Records1930-1963, bulk 1952-1956 LR000102_LO
Michigan AFL-CIO: William C. Marshall Records1961-1983LR00102A
AFSCME Administration Department Records1960-1971, bulk 1968-1970LR002437
AFSCME Business Office Records1962-1988, bulk 1974-1980LR002432
AFSCME Career Development Program Records1966-1975LR002369
AFSCME Central Files Department Records1944-1974, bulk 1962-1973LR002070
AFSCME Central Regional Office: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Clerical Administrative Campaign Records1984-1993LR002686
AFSCME Communications Department Records1946-2002LR002204
AFSCME Education and Leadership Training Department Records1950, 1967-1986, bulk 1967-1986LR002636
AFSCME International Executive Board (I.E.B.) Records1935–2003LR001991
AFSCME Legislation and Political Education Department Records1969-1977, bulk 1974-1975LR000682_LPE
AFSCME Local 1259: Detroit Public Library Records1920-1981, bulk 1950-1972LR002374
AFSCME Local 1733: Memphis, Tennessee Records1962-1974, bulk 1968-1970LR001992
AFSCME Local 496: Genesee County, Michigan Records1970-1983LR001122
AFSCME Michigan Council 25 Records1973-1980LR000884
AFSCME Office of the President: Arnold S. Zander Records1927-1964, bulk 1936-1964LR001986
AFSCME Office of the President: Gerald W. McEntee Records1977-2004, bulk 1982-2003LR001988
AFSCME Office of the President: Jack Howard Records1976-2000, bulk 1982-1991LR002367
AFSCME Office of the President: Jerry Wurf Records1959-1981, bulk 1968-1980LR001987
AFSCME Office of the Secretary-Treasurer: Gordon Chapman Records1926–1968, bulk 1936–1961LR001990
AFSCME Office of the Secretary-Treasurer: Gordon Chapman/Joseph Ames Records1944-1973, bulk 1962-1972LR002096
AFSCME Office of the Secretary-Treasurer: Government and Civic Employees Organizing Committee Records1939-1968, bulk 1950-1957LR000682_GEOC
AFSCME Office of the Secretary-Treasurer: William Lucy Records1970-2001, bulk 1972-2000LR001989
AFSCME Organizing Department Records1967-1972 LR000682_OO
AFSCME Political Action Department Records1972-2003LR002343
AFSCME Program Development Department Records, Part 1 & 21964-1977, bulk 1973-1975LR002203
AFSCME Public Policy Analysis Department Records1963-1984, bulk 1973-1981LR001994
AFSCME Publications1935-2013LR002503
AFSCME Retiree Department Records1979-1999, bulk 1992-1995LR002197
AFSCME Women's Rights Department Records1974-1986, bulk 1983-1986LR001993
AFT Inventory Part I Records1914-1980LR000348_1
United Educators of San Francisco Local 61 Records1942-2013, bulk 1956-2009LR000524
AFT Affiliate Lake County Federation of Teachers Records1950-2011, bulk 1978-2003LR001995
AFT Affiliate St. Louis Teachers Union Local 420 Records1951-2009, bulk 1962-2007LR000463
Cincinnati Federation of Teachers Local 15601963-1995 (bulk 1980s)LR001596
Dearborn Federation of Teachers Local 681 Records1939-1995, bulk 1960s-1980sLR001794
AFT Educational Issues Department Records1934-2003, bulk 1979-2002LR002618
AFT Great Lakes Regional Office Records1970-2004, bulk 1980-2002LR001796
AFT: Human Rights and Community Relations Records 1960-2005LR000348
AFT Inventory Part II Records1914-1967LR000348_2
AFT Local 1052: Hamtramck Federation of Teachers Records1957-1963 LR000269
AFT Local 1295: Wayne State University Federation of Teachers Records1957-1974 LR000688
AFT Local 1700: Archdiocesan Teachers Federation (Chicago) Records1962-1977LR001072
AFT Local 2003: Hawaii Federation of College Teachers1972LR000553
AFT Local 231: Detroit Federation of Teachers RecordsCirca 1930-1979LR000087
AFT Local 231: Detroit Federation of Teachers, Wayne State University Chapter Records1941-1957, bulk 1948-1955LR000378_Wayne
AFT Local 250: Toledo Federation of Teachers Records1933-1968 LR000311
AFT Local 28: St. Paul Federation of Teachers Records1898-1970LR000417
AFT Local 29: Panama Canal Zone Records1918-1981LR001000
AFT Local 3605: Western Wisconsin Technical Institute Records1972-1989LR001417
AFT Local 4168: Detroit Association of Educational Office Employees Records1942-1984LR001239
AFT Local 484: Springfield Federation of Teachers Records1937-1994LR001666
AFT Local 691: Kansas City Federation of Teachers Records1942-2005LR000624
AFT Local 698: East Detroit Federation of Teachers Records1953-1964 LR000256
Local 1175: Alaska Federation of Teachers Records1956-1992LR001651
AFT Massachusetts Federation of Teachers Records1952-1980LR001071
Michigan Federation of Teachers Records1934-1988, bulk 1955-1975LR000146
AFT National Defense Cases Records1930-1969LR000348_NDF
AFT Office of the President Records1960-1974, bulk 1968-1974LR001553
AFT Ohio Federation of Teachers Records1938-2010, bulk 1972-2008LR001442
AFT Organizing Department Records1961-2004LR002654
AFT President's office: Al Loewenthal Records1970-1979LR000348_LOEW
AFT President's Office: Albert Shanker Records1957-1997 bulk 1978-1994LR001553_Shanker
AFT President's Office: Assistant to the President Bella Rosenberg Records1964-2005, bulk 1979-2005LR002605
AFT President's Office: Carl Megel Records1914-1993LR000510
AFT Rhode Island Federation of Teachers Records1946-1982 LR001349
AFT Secretary-Treasurer's Office Records1916-2005LR000348_STO
AFT Southern Regional Office Records1968-1999, bulk 1975-1985LR001863
AFT State Federations Records1922-1967LR000348_SF
American Federation of Teachers: International Affairs Department Records1980-2000, bulk 1990-1999LR000348IA
American Federation of Teachers: Northeast Regional Office Records1975-1999LR002219
American Federation of Teachers Publications1865-2013, bulk 1960-1990LR002613
AFTRA Detroit President's Office: Mary Lou Zieve Records1950s-2011, bulk 1980s-1990sLR002248
Agricultural Workers History Collection1949-1977LR002183
Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee Records1959-1966LR000221_AWOC
Richard Alatorre Papers1969-1976, bulk 1973-1974LP001121
Gabriel Alexander Papers1944-1976 LP000921
Moses Alexander Papers1917-1918LP001678
All Unions Committee to Shorten the Work Week Records1978LR000880
All-Peoples Congress Records1981UR000959
John Allard Papers1943-1978 LP001014
Winfred G. Allen Jr. Papers1972-1978, bulk 1973-1974LP000864
Carl Almblad Papers1913-1988 UP001602
Arthur A. Almeida Papers1922-1994LP001629
ALPA Alexandria Records1940s-1970s, bulk 1960sLR000247_Alex
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