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TitleDate RangeFamilyAccession Number
ALPA Atlanta, Georgia Field Office Records1949-1985, bulk 1960-1971LR000247_ATL
ALPA Engineering and Air Safety Department Records1931-1974, bulk 1955-1970LR000247_EAS
ALPA Governing Bodies: Board of Directors Records1932-1990 LR000247_BOD
ALPA Governmental Affairs Office Records, Parts 1-21966-1982, bulk 1971-1972LR000700
ALPA Headquarters Communications Library Records1931-1954LR000247_HQC
ALPA Kansas City Missouri Field Office Records1940-1971, bulk 1948-1965LR000247_KC
ALPA Los Angeles Field Office Records1955-1989, bulk 1970s-1980sLR000247_LAFO
ALPA Los Angeles Joint Council Office Records1939-1972LR000431
ALPA Los Angeles Records1943-1978, bulk 1960s-1970sLR000247_LA
ALPA Minneapolis Joint Council Records1949-1969 LR000429
ALPA President's Department Records, Parts 1-31931-1998LR000247
ALPA Region 5 Vice-President's Files: Capt. William C. Davis Records1962-1974, bulk 1967-1972LR000247_Davis
ALPA Seattle Joint Council Records1953-1969 LR000430
ALPA St. Louis Records1974-1990, bulk 1986LR000247_STL
ALPA Union of Professional Airmen1969-1981, bulk 1970sLR000247_UPA
ALPA Governing Bodies: Central Executive Council Records1933-1946LR002439
ALPA Governing Bodies: Executive Board Records1947-2003LR002246
ALPA Governing Bodies: Executive Committee1953-1992, bulk 1953-1992LR002245
ALPA Governing Bodies: Executive Council1992-2001, bulk 1993-2001LR002247
ALPA Herndon EAL Strike Center Records1986-1990, bulk 1989LR002456
ALPA Steward and Stewardess Division Records1949-1977, bulk 1960-1971LR002252
ALPA Chicago/Rosemont UAL MEC Records1963-1992LR002200
ALPA Contracts1939-1987, bulk 1950-1970LR002541
ALPA Contracts: Airline Employees1939-1973, bulk 1959-1967LR002540
ALPA Contracts: Flight Attendants1947-76, bulk 1960-1970LR002539
ALPA Miami ALI MEC Records1981-1990, bulk 1981-1987LR002509
ALPA Miami EAL MEC Records1960-1991, bulk 1985-1990LR000247_Miami
ALPA Miami Joint Council Office Records1935-1968, bulk 1950-1960LR002510
ALPA Miami PAA MEC Records1961-1991, bulk 1977-1990LR002506
ALPA Publications1933-2006, bulk 1958-68LR002495
ALPA Publications: Air Line Pilot1931-LR002500
Harriet Cooper Alpern Papers1964-1983 UP000762
Chris and Marti Alston Papers1942-1996UP001779
Mel Ravitz Papers1939-2001, bulk 1960s-2005UP001720
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America & Midwestern States Joint Board Records1909-1968 LR001077
Peter H. Amann Papers1929-1980UP001229
American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Lodge 1761935-1957, bulk 1943-1946LR002525
American Association of University Women of Michigan Records1903-2012LR001589
American Society of Women Engineers and Architects Records1919-1946LR001802
Oscar Ameringer Papers1909-1970, bulk 1909-1943LP000469
George Amrhein Papers1939-1954LP001401
Alfred and Rose Anderson Papers1905-1936 LP000602
John Anderson Papers1962-1964LP000135
Ted Andras Papers1947-1956 LP001503
Ann Arbor Teachers Association Records1911-1968LR000280
Anna Andreini-Brophy Papers1965-2017LP002659
Architectural Engineering Employees: Detroit Chapter Records1967-1973LR000618
ARISE Detroit! Records2005-2015UR002494
JCA: Robert Aronson Papers1990-2010UP002402
Carolyn Ashbaugh Papers1979LP001019
Charles Ashleigh Papers1973, 1975LP001110
Association for Union Democracy Records1937-1982 LR001085
Association of Catholic Trade Unionists of Detroit Records1938-1968, bulk 1938-1956LR000291
Association of Flight Attendants: Dallas Records1952-1980 LR000981
Association of Municipal Professional Women Records1975-1988, bulk 1976-1985UR002359
Henry W. Austin Papers1951-79, bulk 1956-1957LP000863
Richard H. Austin Papers1930-1994, bulk 1968-1980UP000421
Automotive Salesmen's Association Records1966-1967LR000885
J. Edward Bailey III Paperscirca 1950-1989UP001588
Charles Baker Papers1958-1959LP000152
Edward L. Baker Papers1923-1982, bulk 1946-1976LP001625
Bakery & Confectionery Workers International Union Polish Local 77 Records1930s-1970s, bulk 1950s-1960sLR001701
Wilbur and Mary Alice Baldinger Papers1929-1976 UP000902
Don Ball Papers1961LP001378
Jack Barbash Paperscirca 1930-1989 LP001237
Bob Barber Papers1973-1979 LP001252
Alex Barbour Papers1958-1967, bulk 1965-1967LP000223
Ken Barger Papers1980-2009, bulk 1982-2009LP002400
Henry Bartell Papers1935-1939 LP000817
Alex Baskin Papers1965-1994, bulk 1969-1984UP000091
Joseph Basso Papers1927-1968 LP000368
Robert "Buddy" Battle III and Marion Battle Papers1948-1993LP001801
Estar Baur Papers1962UP000937
Warner Baxter Papers1885-1901LP000241
Olive R. Beasley Papers1948-1989, bulk 1960-1972UP000081
William Beckham Jr. Papers1974-2000, bulk 1980-2000UP001756
Charles Beckman Papers1933-1962 LP000892
John Beffel Papers1943-1954LP000561
Russ Bellant Papers1970-1981 UP001288
Herman Benson Papers1944-1974, bulk 1950-1968LP000090
Michigan Dance Archives: Leslie O'Day Benyo Papers1966-2013UP002453
Michigan Dance Archives: Harriet Berg Papers1925-2007, bulk 1960-1995UP001608
Julius Bernstein Papers1916-1977 LP000896
Meyer Bernstein Papers1964-1969LP001087
Thelma Bernstein Papers1966-1969, bulk 1968-1969LP000683
Helen W. Berthelot Paperscirca 1950-1959LP001380
Glen R. Betts Papers1962-1975 LP000648
William W. Betts Papers1944-1971, bulk 1962-1971LP000558
Charles Biagi Papers1960-1976, bulk 1961-1964LP000794
Al Bilik Papers1961-1967 (bulk 1962-1964)LP001501
Don Binkowski Paperscirca 1920s-2008, bulk 1940-1980LP000796
Dorothy Hubbard Bishop Papers1934-1940LP000217
Merlin Bishop Papers1936-1957LP000186
Sam Blackburn Papers1937-1945LP000037
John Blaich Papers1941-1947 LP000375
Ann Blankenhorn Papers1922-1968LP000411
Heber Blankenhorn Papers1906-1967LP000294
Irving Bluestone Papers1955-1998, bulk 1980-1992LP000213
Irving Bluestone: Saturn Corporation Papers1985-1995 LP000213_Saturn
Irving Bluestone: UAW New Directions Movement Papers 1984-1992LP000213_NDM
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