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TitleDate RangeFamilyAccession Number
Economic Alliance for Michigan Records1982-1985UR001328
Economic Development Corporation of Greater Detroit: Michael Weston Records1969-1975, bulk 1971-1972UR002358
Ben Edelbrock Papers1937-1939LP001157
John Edelman Papers1926-1963LP000005
Diane Edgecomb Papers1959-1997, bulk 1972-1997UP002447
George C. Edwards, Jr. Papers, Parts 1-41921-2001, bulk 1938-1996UP000010
George C. Edwards, Sr. Papers1863-1960UP000238
Hagbard M. Edwards Papers1923-1971LP000525
Neal Edwards Papers1941-1959LP000092
John Eklund Papers1948-1951LP000416
El Central Hispanic News Records1989-2017UR002781
Kathy Groehn Cosseboom El-Messidi Papers1960s-1970sUP000686
Arthur Elder Papers1921-1953LP000075
John Eldon Papers1883-1959LP000192
Katherine Pollak Ellickson Papers1921-1989LP000321
Richard Ellington Papers1949 -1993, bulk 1971-1989LP001562
E.K. Ellis Papers1927LP000182
Erwin B. Ellman Papers1969-1977UP000506
Ted Ellsworth Papers1956-1995KP001628
David Elsila Papers1964-1990s, bulk 1968-1990sLP002444
Abraham Epstein Papers1922-1931 LP001051
Fair Housing Campaign In Birmingham, Michigan Records1968UR000365
Fair Housing Center Records1977-1978UR001673
Edward Falkowski Papers1916-1939LP000718
Louis Falstein Paperscirca 1930-1939LP001009
Sam Fantozy Papers1941-1958LP000504
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services Records1939LR001135
Alvin Fellow Papers1938-1946LP001263
Joe Felmet Papers1944–1993LP001507
Leo Fenster Papers1943-1977 LP000703
Ferndale Civil Rights Ordinance Records1991UR001640
Everett Fidinger Papers1952-1970LP000886
Morris Field Papers1937-1963 LP001180
Ann Filardo Papers1969-1993, bulk 1980sLP001360
Bernard Firestone Paperscirca 1950-1989LP001444
Hy Fish Papers1909-1966, bulk 1930s-1950sLP001156
Max M. Fisher Papers1920s-2005, bulk 1950s-2000UP002350
Al Fishman Papers1940s-2008, bulk 1974-2008UP001654
Sam Fishman Papers1966-1986, bulk 1980-1984LP001693
Harry W. Flannery Papers 1968-1972LP001557
Fritz Flesch Papers1949-1952LP000197
Flint Labor Records1937-1940LR000517
Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) Records1967-2005, bulk 1979-1989LR001506
Florida Christian Migrant Ministry Records1949-1975LR000868
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Papers1956-1964LP000122
Focus: HOPE Records1970-1990UR001737
Folklore Archive 1939-1995WSR001731
Dan Forchione Papers1940s-1980s, bulk 1960s-1980sLP001415
Carolyn Forrest Papers1974-1999LP001594
Clemens Forsen Papers1947-1964 LP000611
Clayton Fountain Papers1949LP000891
Ann Francis Papers1970-2003LP001817
Everett Francis Papers1933-1943LP000073
Richard T. Frankensteen Papers1930-1964LP000014
Douglas A. Fraser Papers1976-2008, bulk 1983-1992LP002062
Fred Hansen Papers1959-1963UP002682
Mary Frew Papers1952-1970UP001391
FRIENDS of the Wayne State University School of Medicine Records1975-2004WSR001901
Henry Fries Papers 1938-1959 LP000783
Fritz Redl Papers1930-1989WSP000660
Alex Fuller Papers1949-1955LP000134
Daniel M. Gallagher Papers1937-1947LP000001
Nat Ganley Pamphlets1900s-1960sLP000320_pamplets
Nat Ganley Papers1934-1969LP000320
Marshall Ganz Papers1968-1980LP001528
Phillips Garman Papers1907-1947LP000537
Delmond Garst Papers1934-1971, bulk 1938-1960LP000436
William C. Gausmann Papers1942-1977LP000901
Catherine Gelles Papers1937-1981 LP001253
William Genske Papers1940-1960LP000024
Charles Gentile Papers1934-1966 LP000440
Dan Georgakas Papers1958-1980UP001041
Gerry Meister Papers1971-1995, bulk 1971-1988LP002233
GI Underground Press Records1967-1971, bulk 1970LR000485
Horace W. Gilmore Papers1957-1969UP000549
Martin and Jessie Glaberman Papers1939-2001LP000621
Margean Gladysz Papers1946-2004, bulk 1946-1949UP002125
Morris Gleicher Papers1965-1992 UP001536
William Goldmann Papers1937-1959LP000288
Mrs. S. S. (Clara) Goldwater Papers1936-1958LP000461
Cornelius Golightly Papers1935-1994WSP001824
Bill Goode Papers1941-1947LP001165
Ernest Goodman Papers1929-1997, bulk 1940-1975UP001152
Ralph J. Goodman Papers1960-1981LP001067
Jean Gould Papers1907-1973LP000426
William B. Gould IV Papers1971-1981LP001277
Government Military Investigations - Auto Industry Records1933-1940 LR001143
Grace Hospital Records1880-1993UR001352
Grace Hospital Women's Auxiliary Records1939-1983UR002645
Lawrence Gracia Papers1930-40LP001105
Graduate Employees Union at Michigan State University1999-2002LR001775
Grand Rapids Education Association Records1907-1967LR000314
Anna Melissa Graves Papers1921-1948 LP000708
Anna Melissa Graves Photographs1910-1939LAV000708
Elaine Graves Papers1972-1978, bulk 1976-1978LP000911
Goddard Graves Papers1940-1976LP000644
Robert J. Greene Papers1948-1991UP001485
Thomas Emil Groehn Papers1943-1972LP000695
Grosse Pointe Civil Rights Organizations Records1963-1973UR001456
Marc Grossman Papers1969-1999, bulk 1979-1993LP001045
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