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The following list contains abstracts of Reuther manuscript and records collections. Collection guides or finding aids may be found at the bottom of the collection abstract node. Please contact Kristen Chinery, Reference Archivist for more information.

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TitleDate RangeFamilyAccession Number
Robert Lopez Papers1971-1987LP001482
Mrs. Stanley Lowe Papers1857LP000325
George Lutzai Papers1919-1965LP000019
George Lyons Papers1940-1964LP000006
Hugh Macmillan Papers1917-1921LP000265
Nora Maczko Papers1985-1986LP001421
Olga Madar Paperscirca 1930-1999LP000203
Maryann Mahaffey Papers1944-2006UP001514
Mae Mallory Papers1961-1967UP000955
Michael Manning Papers1925-1942, bulk 1934-1942LP000018
Mark Adams Radio Program Records1948-1949UR000489
Mark Heinen Papers1933-1983LP001274
Marvin P. Marks Papers1980-1996UP001665
Frank Marquart Papers1936-1975LP000017
Blaine Marrin Papers1947-1955LP000204
Ben Martin Paperscirca 1970s-1990sLP002372
Mary Ellen Riordan Papers1920-2004LP001682
Michigan Dance Archives: Marygrove College Department of Dance Records1960-1990UR002812
Gabriel R. Mason Papers1970LP000414
Fred Masters Papers1942-1945LP000181
Alan W. Mather Papers1930-1982LP000756
MATRIX Walter and May Reuther Senior Services Center Records1953-2008UR001999
Joseph Mattson Papers1947-1950LP000207
Emil Mazey Papers1933-1981LP001149
Ernest Mazey Papers1942-1979LP000639
James J. McClendon Papers1932-1969UP000157
Mary Upshaw McClendon Papers1969-1990sLP000784
Herbert T. McCreedy Papers1934-1973, bulk 1935-1965LP000991
Wade H. McCree, Jr. Papers1937-2010, bulk 1954-1987 UP000822
Richard McGhee Papers1958-1978, bulk 1963-1977UP000742
Ashby C. McGraw Papers1935-1965LP000335
McGregor Fund Records1893-2003, bulk 1925-1955UR002635
Tracy William McGregor Papers1846-1970, bulk 1891-1954UP001387
Henry E. McGuckin Papers1893-1919LP000596
Patrick Vincent McNamara Papers1942-1966UP000189
Thomas McNett Papers1936-1970LP000336
Norman McRae Papers1960s-1980sUP000337
Stoyan Menton Papers1935-1976, bulk 1944-1958LP000802
Merrill-Palmer Institute Records1920-1981, bulk 1928-1973UR002127
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Armin Grams Records1962-1977UR001066_Grams
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Dr. Esther McGinnis Records1936-1952, bulk 1941-1952UR002124
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Dr. Francis H. Palmer Records1978-1983, bulk 1978-1981UR002123
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Dr. J. William Rioux Records1960-1973, bulk 1967-1973UR002119
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Dr. Michael D. Usdan Records1973-1978, bulk 1974-1978UR002122
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Dr. Pauline Park Wilson Knapp Records1950-1968, bulk 1952-1967UR002120
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Dr.William McKee Records1952-1978, bulk 1955-1976UR002121
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Edna Noble White Records1902-1966UR002561
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Ernest Groves Records1880-1947, bulk 1930s-1940sUR001066_Groves
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Icie G. Macy Hoobler Papers1918-1963, bulk 1920s-1950sUR002545
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Kresge Historical Library Records1911-1980, bulk 1920-1980UR001066_Kresge
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Lawrence Kelso Frank Papers1922-1968, bulk 1960-1968UR001066_Kelso
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Merrill and Palmer Families Records1848-1926UR001066_family
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Merrill-Palmer Corporation Records1916-1981UR001066_corp
Metropolitan Coalition of Women 1968-1973LR000816
Metropolitan Coalition of Women Records1968-1973UR000816
Metropolitan Detroit Building Fund Records1948-1971UR001289_MDBF
Metropolitan Detroit Council of Churches Records1922-1967UR000319
Metropolitan Detroit Health Education Council Records1974-1989UR001431
Metropolitan Detroit Medical Library Group Records1947-2007UR001106
A.G. and Marie Mezerik Papers1912-1985, bulk 1912-1938UP000476
Lewis H. Michener Papers1938-1974 LP000178
Michigan Citizens Lobby Records1973-1982UR001052
Michigan Coalition for Human Rights Records1975-2005, bulk 1981-1995UR001790
Michigan Commission On Displaced Persons Records1937-1965 UR000129
Michigan Constitutional Convention Records1961LR000154
Michigan Farm Worker Ministry Coalition Photographs and Audio-Visual and Other Materials1953-1993LAV000895
Michigan Farm Worker Ministry Coalition Records1950-1993LR000895
Michigan Labor History Society Records1981-2013, bulk 2000-2004LR000847
Michigan Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights Records1969-1994UR001695
Michigan Welfare League Records1916-1965UR000332
Isadore Miles Papers1958-1961LP000389
Ruth Milkman Papers1975-1994, bulk 1978-1991LP002097
Robert Millender Papers1963-1978, bulk 1969-1977UP002410
Ira A. Miller Papers1980LP000976
Richard Miller Papers1956-1965UP000448
T. Denton Miller Papers1935-1936LP001512
Jewell Mills Papers1962-1968LP000287
Robert J. Mills Papers1954-1980 LP000209
Miners For Democracy Records1941-1974, bulk 1969-1972LR000589
Monteith College Student Newsletters1960-1978WSR002353
George F. Montgomery Jr. Papers1965-1970UP000599
Glen Moon Photographs1979-2003, bulk 1979-1999UAV002496
Prince Moon Papers1974-1988LP001413
Tom Mooney Papers 1914-1919LP000603
Loretta Moore Papers1950-1978 UP000982
Ernest J. Moran Papers1942-1973 LP000641
Elizabeth Morgan Paperscirca 1964LP001646
James B. Morrissey Papers1969-1986LP001358
Ken Morris Papers1937-1983LP000331
Wyndham Mortimer Papers1934-1973, bulk 1940-1962LP001171
Marion Moses, M. D. Papers1960-1970LP001173
Bette Murphy Papers1942-1981LP001357
Vincent J. Murray Papers1958LP000727
John Musial Papers1949-1982, bulk 1963-1974UP002184
Tom Myerscough Papers1965-1982LP000622
NAACP Detroit Branch Records1912-2016, bulk 1956-2007UR000244
NALC Department of Research and Education Records1968-1985, bulk 1977-1985LR001918
NALC Executive Assistant to the President: F. John Miller Records1889-1999, bulk 1984-1999LR001916
NALC Office of the President: James H. Rademacher Records1950-1987, bulk 1968-1977LR001313
NALC Auxiliary Records1905-1994LR001922
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