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The following list contains abstracts of Reuther manuscript and records collections. Collection guides or finding aids may be found at the bottom of the collection abstract node. Please contact Kristen Chinery, Reference Archivist for more information.

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TitleDate RangeFamilyAccession Number
JCA Sinai Hospital Records1900-1999 (bulk 1950-1999)UR001813
JCA: Philip Slomovitz Papers1919-1991UP001494
JCA Small Collections1867-2003UR001812
JCA: Isidore Sobeloff Papers1918-1992UP002759
JCA: Jewish Family Service Records1917-2008UR002349
Mildred Jeffrey Papers1920s-2004LP000300
Newman Jeffrey Papers1820-1990, bulk 1930-1979LP000173
Richard Jensen Papers1968-1975LP000893
JCA: Jewish Apartments and Services Records1966-1999UR002345
Jewish Labor Committee Records1947-1990, bulk 1955-1970LR000150
Bob Johnson Paperscirca 1960s-1982LR001345
Edgar G. Johnston Papers1943-1966LP000367
Robert and Margaret Johnston Papers1947-1959UP001003
Joint Committee on Library Service to Labor Groups Records1946-1966, bulk 1948-63LR000229
Joseph Goulden Papers1981-1982LP001093
Julie Sabit Papers1970-1988, bulk 1975-1985UP002551
John Jurkanin Paperscirca 1930-1989LP001372
Jack Kadish Papers1942-1965LP000162
Anthony Kaiser Papers1946-1979 LP000652
Stanley D. Kane Papers1926LP001561
Robert Kanter Papers1939-1947LP000195
Karen Kendrick-Hands Papers1979-2001UP002508
Kathleen Straus Papers1965-1993, bulk 1975-1987UP001848
Katherine Chamberlain Papers1903-2005WSP002137
Raymond Kay Papers1944-1960 LP000852
Damon J. Keith Paperscirca 1938-2007UP001582
Rachel Boone Keith Papers1937-2007, bulk 1970-2006UP002117
Samuel Kellman Papers1918-1954UP000890
Charles F. Kellogg Papers1955-1967UP001419
Maurice Kelman Papers1951-1997, bulk 1968-1974UP001282
William and Ann Kemsley Papers1943-1961LP000943
Kenneth Forbes Papers1946-1971LP000801
Casper P. Kenny Papers1944-1948LP000183
Kenosha Labor Records1933-1966LR000307
Monsignor Clement Kern Papers1945-1969, bulk 1945-1950LP001013
Lyman D. Ketchum Papers1971-1976 LP000765
Vernon E. Keye Papers1946-1963WSP000553
Charles F. Kincaid Papers1941-1968LP000381
L. Bruce Kingery Papers1946-1974LP000149
Kings-Tulare Counties Migrant Ministry Records1959-1968, bulk 1962-1966LR002469
William Kircher Papers1966-1973LP000606
L. K. Kirk Papers1933LP000226
Harvey Kitzman Papers1937-1960
David Y. Klein Papers1960-1970LP000873
Dr. Shmarya Kleinman Papers1944-1962UP000022
Rose Kleinman: Greater Detroit Fair Housing Records1958-1972 UP000397
Matt Kobe Papers1914-1921LP000148
Lucien Koch Papers1938-1965, bulk 1948-1952LP000543
Raymond Koch and Charlotte Moskowitz Papers1925-1982LP000996
E. H. Kohlhagen Papers1975LP000771
Alex Kovacs Papers1941-1996, bulk 1987-1996LP001652
Joseph J. Kowalski Papers1958-1967UP000250
Leo Kramer Papers1931-1969LP001318
Jay B. Krane Papers1948-1961LP000614
Dorothy Kraus Papers1920s-1990s, bulk 1930s-1960sLP001221
Henry Kraus Papers1926-1960, bulk 1935-1944LP000112
Samuel Krieger Papers1926-1994LP001616
Maynard Krueger Papers1938LP001075
Frank LaBita Papers1953-1955LP000044
Labor and Working Class History Association Records1994-2006LR002766
Labor Committee for Safe Energy and Full Employment Records1979-1981, bulk 1981LR001131
Labor Notes Records1965-2007LR001555
Labor Today Records1969-1975LR000705
Labor's Non-Partisan League Records1938-1942LR000119
James Lafferty Papers1969-1991UP000626
Lamphere Federation of Teachers Local 1614 Records1973-1998, bulk 1980-1985LR002131
Lloyd Lampher Papers1950-1976, bulk 1952-1976LP001092
Lily Lampinen Papers1960-1975UP000836
Layle Lane Papers 1940-1969LP000439
Garland Lane Papers1964-1974UP000309
Charles Lang Papers1947-1971, bulk 1960-1967LP000807
Milton Lapine Papers1934-1983LP001124
E.W. Latchem Papers1915-1959LP000171
W. Jett Lauck Papers1913, 1926, 1935-1947 LP000409
Robert Lee Lawson Paper1957LP000117
Daniel J. Leab Papers1900-1975LP000590
League for Mutual Aid Records1920-1972, bulk 1940-1972LR000455
League of Women Voters of Detroit Records1979-1980UR001402
Arthur F. Lederle Papers1914-1967UP000559
Abraham Lefkowitz Papers1934-1966, bulk 1934-1955LP000402
Ben Legere Papers1906-1970LP000709
Richard T. Leonard Papers1940-1971LP000746
Harry E. Lester Papers1980-1981LP001035
Marjorie Jackson Levin Papers1970-1973UP000828
Edward Levinson Papers1910-1945LP000085
John L. Lewis Papers1879-1969LR000494
LGBT Detroit Records1993-2016UR002652
Stephen Lighthill Film Collection1979-1980UAV001622
James Lindahl Papers1930s-1950sLP001061
Herbert Lindberg Papers1940-1943LP000933
Nel Lindemulder Papers1937LP001611
C. Z. Lindsey Papers1942-1961LP000534
Henry Richardson Linville Papers1912-1941LP000373
Howard Lipton Papers 1956-1971 LP000464
Ed Liska Papers1962-1972 LP001469
Viola Liuzzo Papers1953-1998, bulk 1965-1983UP001745
John W. Livingston Papers1947-1955LP000259
Livonia Education Association Collection1945 to 1968LR000305
Percy Llewellyn Papers1938-1967 LP000442
Frank Lohr Papers1939-1961LP00043C
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