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The following list contains abstracts of Reuther manuscript and records collections. Collection guides or finding aids may be found at the bottom of the collection abstract node. Please contact Kristen Chinery, Reference Archivist for more information.

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TitleDate RangeFamilyAccession Number
Irving Bluestone: Weirton Steel Corporation Papers1950-1993 LP000213_Weirton
James and Grace Lee Boggs Papers1930s-1993UP001342
David Bonior Papers1976-2002, bulk 1990-2002LP001803
Eula Booker Papers1950-1979 LP000983
Philip Booth Papers1922-1945LP000748
Selma Borchardt Papers1911-1967LP000357
Robert Bordner Papers1933-1958LP000563
Boys Republic Records1890-1983 UR000914
George And Grace Brewer Papers1903-1968, bulk 1906-1916LP000218
Bricklayers and Masons International Union of America Records1889-1992 LR001141
British Columbia Teachers' Federation Records1976-1977 LR000871
Brookwood Labor College Photographs1921-1937LAV000567_BLC
Charles Brooks Papers1948-1977, bulk 1960-1968LP000979
Brookwood Labor College Records1921-1937LR000567_BLC
Brookwood Labor College: Mark and Helen Norton Starr Papers1917-1972, bulk 1934-1962LR000567
Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Records1899-2004, bulk 1960-1990LR001535
Cordelia Brown Papers1961-2012, bulk 2006-2012UP002499
Ivan Brown Papers1941-1969LP000286
James H. Brown Papers1960-1963LP000168
Joe Brown Papers1933-1942LP000047
Louise (Sally) Langdon Brown Paperscirca 1960-1969UP001567
Raphael and Olga Brown Papers1933-1935 LP001414
Roy M. Brown Papers1937-1970LP000413
Buck Dinner Committee Records1966-2002LR001830
Floyd Bueno Papers1937-1987 LP001320
Valery Burati Papers1932-1976 LP001351
David S. Burgess Papers1936-1994 LP001610
Robert Burkart Papers1949-1965LP000180
George Burt Papers1940-1953 LP000539
John Burton Papers1949-1959LP000169
Chester Cable Papers1965-1983, bulk 1971-1983 UP001162
William Cahn Paperscirca 1940-1979LP000808
Arthur W. Calhoun Papers1899-1975LP000503
Mellie and Herbert S. Calvert Papers1920-1973, bulk 1921-1926LP000778
Clarice T. Campbell Papers1962-1979UP000919
Elise Hatt Campbell Papers1919-1943, bulk 1923-1939UP001410
Tom and Janet Canterbury Papers1963-1966 UP000635
Lester Cappon Papers1888-1935 LP000804
James B. Carey Papers1936-1973LP001474
Robert E. Carlson Papers1941-1942LP001285
Lawrence Carlstrom Papers1937LP000175
Carolyn DesJardins Papers1984-1988UP002530
Carol Haddad Papers1945-2004, bulk 1978-1995LP002646
Louis B. Carrick Papers1938-1983LP000061
Monroe S. Causley, Jr. Papers1937–1943LP001195
Jerome P. Cavanagh Papers1960-1979UP000379
Jerome P. Cavanagh Photographs and Other Material 1960 – 1979, bulk 1960 – 1969 UAV000379
Elaine Rogan and Tor Cedervall Paperscirca 1933-1936LP000200
Center for Community Change Records1960-1979UR000966
Center for the Child Care Workforce Records1979-2003LR001788
W. Ellison Chalmers Papers1925-1938LP000166
Gordon W. Chapman Papers1934-1967 LP000923
Charles Cheng Papers1959-1979, bulk 1970-1978LP000956
Cherboneau Place Cooperative Records1959-1986 UR001296
Charles Chiakulas Papers1944-1968LP000295
Chicago Union Printers Baseball Association Records1970-1984 LR001527
Children's Hospital of Michigan Records1886-1989 UR001244
Children's Hospital of Michigan: Director of Laboratories Records1940-1980 UR001146
Ely Chinoy Papers1936-1983 LP001630
Joseph Chrapkiewicz Papers1946-1962 LP000607
Edith L. Christenson Papers1909-1974 LP000588
Louis Ciccone Papers1941-1961LP000137
Cigar Makers Union No. 130 Records3 foldersLR000067
CIO Department of Education and Research Records1945-1968LR000270
CIO Executive Board Minutes and Proceedings1935-1955 LR000751_pub
CIO Housing Committee: Leo Goodman Records1940-1956, bulk 1948-1955LR000689
CIO Office of the Secretary-Treasurer Records1935-1960LR000185
CIO Political Action Committee (PAC) Recordscirca 1943-1969LR000647
CIO Washington Office Records1950-1956LR000548
Citizen Action Records1979-1993, bulk 1980sUR001636
Citizen's Crusade Against Poverty Records1964-1970, bulk 1965-1968UR000516
Citizens for a United Detroit Records1964UR000484
Citizens for Michigan Records1959-1962UR000303
Civil Rights Congress of Michigan Records1933-1963, bulk 1935-1955UR000304
Father Raymond S. Clancy Papers1896-1970, bulk 1938-1954LP000499
Clara M. Vincent Papers1936-1989, bulk 1940-1960UP002623
Charles J. Clark Papers1963-1976 LP000770
David Clements Papers1946-2011 (bulk 1980s)UP002249
Coalition of Labor Union Women Records1972-2001, bulk 1974-2001LR000664
Coalition of Labor Union Women: Metro-Detroit Chapter Records1974-1995LR001614
Coalition of Labor Union Women: San Francisco Chapter Records1974-1987LR001332
Coalition of Labor Union Women: Seattle Chapter Records1975-1976LR000782
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Records1972-1995LR001754
Coalition of Labor Union Women: Greater Boston Chapter Records1973-1982LR002430
Coalition of Labor Union Women: Puget Sound Chapter Records1984-1986LR001564
Alton Cobb Papers1967-1968LP000329
Kenneth V. and Sheila M. Cockrel Papers1959-1999UP001379
Carl Cohen Papers1966-1974, bulk 1971-1974UP000663
David Cohen Papers1961-1967LP000255
Oscar Cohen Papers1946-49UP000768
Ronald Cohen Papers1948-1960LP000717
Sanford Cohl Papers1939-1962, bulk 1939-1940LP001047
Camille Colatosti Papers1986-2002LP001963
John Cole Papers1942LP001487
John and Phyllis Collier Papers1881-1975, bulk 1887-1948LP000141
John and Phyllis Collier Photographs1911-1971, bulk 1920-1925LAV000141
Virgil Collins Papers1945-1946LP000199
Columbia Typographical Union No. 101 Records1815-1971 LR001577
Committee for National Health Insurance Records1961-1988LR001069
Commonwealth College Records 1932 LR001364
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