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The following list contains abstracts of Reuther manuscript and records collections. Collection guides or finding aids may be found at the bottom of the collection abstract node. Please contact Kristen Chinery, Reference Archivist for more information.

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TitleDate RangeFamilyAccession Number
Charles T. Hawkins Papers1956-1977, bulk 1960-1969LP000987
Francis Heisler Papers1936-1976LP001036
Helen Bowers Papers1934-1995, bulk 1947-1970LP001879
Philip Heller Papers1945-1955LP000585
Jack R. Hendrickson Sr. Papers1970-1985UP001284
Thomas A. Hendricks Papers1940-1981, bulk 1940-1949LP001337
William Henkelman Papers1943-1980LP000610
Joyce Hennessee Papers1970s-1980sLP001524
Westray Henney Papers1951-1970LP000587
Merle Henrickson Papers1945-1973, bulk 1945-1950LP000193
Aaron Henry Papers1965-1969UP000364
Frank Henson Papers1950-1963LP000059
Paul Hering Papers1912-1969LP000669
John Herling Papers1911-1991, bulk 1930s-1970sLP001259
Mary Fox Herling Papers1914-1980LP001729
Mary J. Herrick Papers1932-1966LP000385
Charles A. Hill Papers1942-1951UP000227
Joe Hill Papers1915-1916LP001154
Ellen Hippeli Papers1922-2007LP002182
John S. Hirchak Papers1917-1925LP000787
Harley B. Hiscox Papers1968-1984LP001216
Robert G. Hodges Papers1962UP001196
Jimmy Hoffa FBI Files1964-2002, bulk 1975-1992LP001822
Bernard G. Hoffman Papers1940-1960LP000445
Claude Hoffman Papers1934-1952, bulk 1935-1938LP000324
S. L. Hoffman Papers1942-1970LP000422
Floyd Hoke-Miller Papers1939-1977LP000903
Susan Holleran Papers1973-1995LP001389
Flora Hommel Papers1950-2005, bulk 1950s-1980sUP002090
Raymond Hood Papers1961-1982 UP000581
George Hopkins Papers1958-1964, bulk 1960-1962LP001362
Ernest L. Horne Papers1975-2000, bulk 1987-1995UP001642
Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees Union Local 24 Records1916-1995LR001752
Howard Hill Papers1959-1964LR002639
Howard Hursey Papers1961-1980LP002047
Michael Hrabar Papers1944-1974, bulk 1949-1969LP001281
Olga Hrabar Papers 1941-1985 LP000313
Dolores Huerta Papers1970-1995LP001861
Arthur Hughes Papers1936-1978LP000233
William Humphreys Papers1944-1953LP000170
Hunger Action Coalition of Michigan Records1978-1986UR001356
Hutzel Hospital Records1868-1994UR001572
Curt Hyans Papers1907-1957LP000677
Charles K. Hyde Papers1980-1997UP001688
Nicholas Hyshka Papers1944-1966LP000302
Andres J. Ignasiak Papers1946-1966LP000196
Illinois Labor History Society Records1938-1944LR000947
Marie and David Ingar Papers1972LP000642
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 58 Records1891-2015LR002685
International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists Records1961-1005, bulk 1961-1996LR001689
International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit Records1919-1981UR001004_Det
International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit: Florence Cassidy Records1929-1973UR001004_Cassidy
International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit: Old World Market Records1945-1979UR001004
International Longshoremen's & Warehousemen's Union Records1957-1982LR001276
International Printing Pressmen Local 2 Records1899-1961 LR000781
International Socialists Records1943-1985 (bulk 1970-1980)LR001225
Iron Molders Union, New York Records1860-1894 LR000601
Irwin Fletcher Papers1968-1970LP002477
Joan Israel Papers1966-1977 UP000797
Larry Itliong Papers1942-1976LP001325
Industrial Workers of the World Records1903-1996LR000130
IWW Detroit/Ann Arbor Branch Records1973-1982LR000948
IWW Minneapolis Branch Records1905-1971, bulk 1920-1940LR000580
IWW San Francisco Bay Area Branch Records1922-1981LR001129
Joseph Jablonower Papers1936-1968LP000403
JCA Adat Shalom Records1940-1995 UR001692
JCA: Auxiliary for Jewish Home and Aging Services Records1933-2007UR002521
JCA: Benyas Photographic Negatives1950-1996 (bulk 1965-1992)UR001749
JCA Birmingham Temple Records1960s-2003UR001827
JCA: Detroit Jewish Newspapers Microfilm Collection1901-1951UR001743
JCA Glennwood ORT Records1962-2011UR002620
JCA Hillel of Metro Detroit Records 1943 – 2013UR001815
JCA Janice Charach Gallery Records1991-2012UR002621
JCA: JARC Records1969-1994UR001521
JCA Jewish Community Center Records1935-2005, bulk 1970-2005UR002619
JCA Jewish Community Council Records1937-1984 UR001726
JCA Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit Records1899-2005 (bulk 1950-2000)UR001491
JCA Jewish Home for the Aged Records1907-1993, bulk 1960-1990UR001697
JCA: Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit Microfilms1899-1995, bulk (1930s-1980s)UR001847
JCA: Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit Video Collection1977-2013, bulk 1980-2005UR002520
JCA Mizrachi Records1960-1975 UR001696
JCA: National Council of Jewish Women: Greater Detroit Section Records1891-2004UR001647
JCA Sholem Aleichem Institute Records1926-2000, bulk 1950-1989UR001691
JCA Leonard Simons Papers1872-1994 (bulk 1949-1986)UP001518
JCA Sinai Hospital Guild Records1952-2000UR001748
JCA Sinai Hospital Records1900-1999 (bulk 1950-1999)UR001813
JCA: Philip Slomovitz Papers1919-1991UP001494
JCA Small Collections1867-2003UR001812
JCA: Isidore Sobeloff Papers1918-1992UP002759
JCA: Jewish Family Service Records1917-2008UR002349
Mildred Jeffrey Papers1920s-2004LP000300
Newman Jeffrey Papers1820-1990, bulk 1930-1979LP000173
Richard Jensen Papers1968-1975LP000893
JCA: Jewish Apartments and Services Records1966-1999UR002345
Jewish Labor Committee Records1947-1973, bulk 1955-1970LR000150
Bob Johnson Paperscirca 1960s-1982LR001345
Edgar G. Johnston Papers1943-1966LP000367
Robert and Margaret Johnston Papers1947-1959UP001003
Joint Committee on Library Service to Labor Groups Records1946-1966, bulk 1948-63LR000229
Joseph Goulden Papers1981-1982LP001093
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