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The following list contains abstracts of Reuther manuscript and records collections. Collection guides or finding aids may be found at the bottom of the collection abstract node. Please contact Kristen Chinery, Reference Archivist for more information.

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TitleDate RangeFamilyAccession Number
NALC Office of the Executive Vice President Records1965-1997, bulk 1976-1997LR001910
NALC Office of the President: J. Joseph Vacca Records1966-1979, bulk 1976-1979LR001914
NALC Office of the Secretary-Treasurer Records1921-1995, bulk 1971-1995LR001751
NALC Office of the Vice President Records1968-1986, bulk 1975-1986LR001917
NALC City Delivery Director Records1957-1985, bulk 1972-1985LR001912_CD
NALC Comptroller's Office Records1892-1981, bulk 1959-1981LR001912_CO
NALC Information Center Records1889-2006, bulk 1960-2015LR001912_IC
NALC Office of the President: Vincent Sombrotto Records1971-2003LR001915
NALC Public Relations Department Records1985-1995LR001912_PR
NALC: Historic Artifacts Collection1860-2009LR001911
Nancy vom Steeg Papers1953-1979UP002671
National Campaign For Agricultural Democracy Records1967-1970LR000487
National Caucus of Labor Committees Records1965-1982, bulk 1978-1982LR000376_NCLC
National Farm Worker Ministry Records1959-1995, bulk 1965-1980LR000338
National Farm Worker Ministry: Florida Office Records1970-1985LR002515
National Founders Association Records1905-1911, bulk 1905-1909LR001292
National Organization for Women (NOW): Downriver Chapter Records, Parts I & II1971-1994UR001227
National Policy Association Records1930s-2003, bulk 1970s-2003LR001816
National Sharecroppers Fund Photographs1946-1975, bulk 1957-1970LAV000393
National Sharecroppers Fund Records1937-1985, bulk 1955-1972LR000393
National University Extension Association: Conferences and Institutes Division Records1952-1987UR000638
National War Labor Board Records1942-1947LR000634_NWLB
Neighborhood Project Records1980-2003UR002348
Mercedes Nelson Papers1935-1971LP000685
Nettie Jones Papers1971-2017UP002734
Armand Nevers Paperscirca 1990s-2000sLP002448
New Detroit, Inc. Records1967-1975UR000660
Newspaper Guild Local 13 Records1934-1986 LR001311
Newspaper Guild Local 22: Detroit Records1933-2007LR000011
Newspaper Guild Local 47: St. Louis Records1933-1966LR000483
Newspaper Guild Local 82: Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild Records1950-1976LR001600
Newspaper Guild Records1933-1973LR000401
Tony Nicols Papers 1938, 1941 LP001022
Tatsuro Nomura Papers1920-1973LP000736
Harold Norris Papers1941-1968UP000508
Stanley and Margaret Collingwood Nowak Papers1928-1979LP000003
Harvey O'Connor Papers1919-1983LP000245
Fay O'Hare Papers1967-1988, bulk 1972-1984UP001327
Rolland R. O'Hare Papers1957-1977, bulk 1972-1976UP000826
George O'Kon Scrapbook1916-1943, bulk 1930-1943LP001184
Francis O'Rourke Diary1936-1937LP000518
Office and Professional Employees International Union: Local 10 Records1929-1983LR001316
William Ogden Papers1937LP000050
William Oliver Papers1946-1984LP000164
John Oneka Papers1937-1964LP000015
Orange County Interfaith Committee to Aid the Farm Workers Records1963-1991, bulk 1982-1988LR001546
Oregon Federation of Teachers Records1974-2004LR001598
Organization in Solidarity with Central America Records1977-1995, bulk 1980sLR001627
Ralph Orr Papers1968-1983LP002615
Charles Orr Papers1912-1970, bulk 1950-1970LP000246
Carrie Burton Overton Papers1856-1969 UP000340
Carrie Burton Overton Photographs1913-1960UAV000340
Mary White Ovington Papers1854-1948UP000323_MWO
Owosso Education Association Records1914-1968LR000272
Joseph F. Pagano Papers1938-1946LP000012
Frances D. and G. Lyman Paine Papers1953-1976, bulk 1953-1960LP001439
Francis Palmer Papers1933-1967, bulk 1944-1947LP000861
William Palmer Papers1932-1941, bulk 1933-1937UP000693
John Panzner Papers1922-1938LP000009
Frank A. Parker Papers1943-1949UP000027
Paul Parker Papers1939-1970, bulk 1950-1960UP000423
Rosa Parks Papers1955-1976UP000775
Parkside Homes Records1995-1996UR001767
Lynn H. Parsons Papers1966-1971LP001869
Dolores Paskal Papers1960-1968, bulk 1960-1965LP000237
Oscar Paskal Collection1932-1980LP000066
Peabody Report1903LR000000_PR
Raymond Peck Papers1937-1968LP000392
Jana Pellusch Papers1975-1976LP000776
People's Song Library Records1940-70, bulk 1940-55LR000452
Frances Perkins Papers1953-02-10LP001649
Carl Person Papers1910-1920LP000230
Charles Petcher Papers1939-1941UP002800
Peter John Moralis Papers1966-1994LP002547
Vincent Petitpren Papers1964-1967UP000289
Henry J. Pfaff Papers1973-1974LP000672
Norman E. Philleo Papers1880sLP000349
Joseph Piconke Papers1942-1963LP000126
Fred C. Pieper Papers1936-1940LP000165
Alex Pilch Papers1967-1972UP000579
Pinkerton's National Detective Agency Reports1906-1907LR000000_PNDA
Robert Pisarski Papers 1949-1974LP000814
Joe Placentia Papers1975-1977LP000853
Irving Pokempner Papers1937-1959LP000132
James Poland Papers1934-1956LP000361
Helen and Mardy Polaner Paperscirca 1940-1969LP001257
Ethel Polk Papers1938-1939LP001488
Sam Pollock Papers1927-1958, bulk 1958 LP000111
Philip D. Porter Papers1939-1947LP000875
Thomas E. Posey Papers1926-1977LP001155
Will Poyfair Papers1903-1922LP000916
Otto Pragan Papers1941-1961 LP000617_Pragan
Press Associates, Inc. Records1954-1980 LR000658
Ada I. Pressman Papers1950-1985, bulk 1970-1985LP001944
Prismatic Club of Detroit Records1867–2007, bulk 1866–1879 and 1961–2007UR001269
Jacob Probe Papers1940-1942LP000706
PROD, Inc. Records1972-1979LR000929
Purdy Memorial Fund Records1969-1970WSR000331
Edward Purdy Papers1944-1968LP001049
James G. Pyrros Papers1943-1988UP001940
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