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TitleDate RangeFamilyAccession Number
Communications Workers of America District 4 Records1934-1979, bulk 1955-1975LR000824
Concerned Unionists Records1968-1971LR000661
JCA: Congregation Beit Kodesh Records1957-2011UR002356
Joseph P. Conlin Papers1965-1979 LP000737
Edward Connor Papers 1935-1967UP000242
John Conyers Sr. Papers1937-1945LP000158
Alexander Cook Papers1933-1934LP001511
Stanley Cook Papers1975LP000785
Wesley and Rita Cook Papers1941-1964LP000676
William Cook Papers1957LP001138
Cook County College Teachers Union, Local 1600 Records1966-2009LR002098
Elmer Cope Papers1945-1964LP000931
William Copeland Papers1965-1970UP000273
Minnie F. Corder Papers1971LP000514
Frank Cormier and William Eaton PapersundatedLP001099
Edward Cote Papers1937-1948LP000046
Father Charles Coughlin FBI Files1936-1974, bulk 1942-1944UP001842
Andrew Court Papers1940-1966LP001299
Leon Cousens Papers1932-1937LP000069
James G. Couser Papers1946-1949 LP000030
Covington Hall PapersundatedLP000174
Richard W. and Constance Cowen Papers1975LP000924
Oliver Cromwell Cox Paperscirca 1964UP000675
John Craft Papers1945-1977 LP000965
Roger Craig Papers1965-1970UP000306
Harold Cranefield Papers1932-1966, bulk 1932-1963LP000595
Ellen Creager Papers1995-1998, bulk 1995-1996LP002361
George Crockett Papers 1944-1995UP000276
Alexander Crosby Papers1933-1944, bulk 1941-1942LP001125
Jack Crosby Papers1899-1932LP000326
James D. Crowe Papers1937-1938LP000833
Beulah Groehn Croxford Papers1964-2002 bulk 1970-1985UP002603
Gloster Current Papers1942-1944UP000382
John J. D'Agostino Papers1950-1981, bulk 1951-1973LP000032
Franz E. Daniel Papers1890-1976LP000600
Sol A. Dann Papers1933-1970UP000399
Elvin Davenport Papers1942-1991, bulk 1942-1977UP002362
David Burciaga Papers1957-1970LP000724
David Hershey Posterscirca 1970-1989LAV002699
Hugh M. Davis, Jr. Papers1968-1990UP001881
William C. Davis Papers1931-1972, bulk 1964-1972LP000547
Everett "Pudge" Dawsen Papers1943-1968, bulk 1955-1968LP002344
Walter Day Papers1933-1962LP000103
Len and Caroline DeCaux Papers 1925-1970LP000832
Angelo Deitos Papers1961-1981LP000653
Robert E. DeMascio Papers1970-1997, bulk 1975-1980LP002075
Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC): John Mecartney Records1943-1985LR002692
Democratic Socialists of America Records1972-1983UR001161
Irwin L. Deshetler Papers1928-1984LP000301
Detroit Latino Records1969-1995 (bulk 1979-1989)UR001708
Detroit Organization of School Administrators and Supervisors Records1949-1990, bulk 1980-1986UR001659
Detroit Allied Printing Trades Council Records1927-1977LR001169
Detroit Coalition to End the War Now! Records1967-1973UR000627
Detroit Commission on Community Relations (DCCR) / Human Rights Department Photographs and Other Material1948-1979UAV000267
Detroit Commission on Community Relations (DCCR) / Human Rights Department Records1940-1984UR000267
Detroit Committee for Responsible Banking Records1976-1993, bulk 1987-1991UR001587
Detroit Committee To End The War In Vietnam Records1957-1968UR000425
Detroit Economic Development Corporation Records1970-1972 UR001107
Detroit Education Association Records1914-1968, bulk 1957-1967LR000351
Detroit Federation of Community Councils Records1938-1964UR001037
Detroit Feminist Women’s Health Center Records1961-1980UR001063
Detroit Industrial Mission Records1954-1978, bulk 1962-1973LR000131
Detroit Newspaper Strike Collection1995-2001LR002748
Detroit Public Schools Community Relations Division Records1943-1977LR000951
Detroit Public Schools Decentralization Study Committee Records1969-1978 LR000882
Detroit Recreation Department Dance Program: Shirley Harbin Records1912-1992, bulk 1940-1980UR001618
Detroit Renaissance Records1969-2002, bulk 1971-2000UR001581
Detroit Revolutionary Movements Records1968-1976LR000874
Detroit Strategic Plan Records1988-1989UR001422
Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall, Inc. Records1950-1986, bulk 1962-1986UR001290
Detroit Teachers Association: Wayne State University Chapter Records1933-1963LR000281
Detroit Typographical Union No. 18 Records1897-1987, bulk 1930-1987LR000986
Detroit Women's Press Records1969-1975 UR001470
Developing Urban Detroit Area Research Project (Doxiadis) Records1910-1974UR000636
Charles M. Dewey Papers1951-1984LP001609
Ernest C. and Jessie M. Dillard Papers1936-1990sLP000500
Francis J. Dillon Papers1934-1943LP000437
John Dillon Papers1946-1949LP000701
Robert Dingwell Papers1950-1968UP000359
Joseph Ditzel Papers1937LP000072
Sam Dolgoff Papers1907-1969LP000568
Genora and Sol Dollinger Paperscirca 1940-1989LP000633
Don Stevens Papers1969-1980LP001234
Don Watson Papers1966-1978LP000838
E. F. Doree Papers1918-1922LP001658
Walter Dorosh Papers1964-1973LP000699
Edward Dory Papers1902-1915LP000033
Alex Dow Papers 1920-1940UP001010
Tom Downs Papers1976-1979 UP000780
Reverend James Drake Papers1961-1977LP000481
Judah Drob Papers1936-1975LP000496
William Dufty Papers1940-1947LP000388
Ofield Dukes Papers 1964-1969UP000380
Raya Dunayevskaya Papers1924-1987LP000363
Nancy E. Dunn Papers1988-2004, bulk 1995-1999LP002192
Robert W. Dunn Papers1920-1938LP000096
Olga Dworkin PapersCirca 1944-1986WSP002733
John Dwyer Papers1920-1987LP001039
Enid Eckstein Papers1969-1981LP001194
Peter Eckstein Papers1967-1995, bulk 1972-1986LP001997
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