(29680) AFSCME delegation to Illinois AFL-CIO

Members of the AFSCME delgation at the Illinois State AFL-CIO convention in Chicago, held September 30-October 4, 1963. Bottom row from left: Ernestine Locknour, Ella Saunders, Dorothy Upchurch, Vera Tipsword, Grace Thoureen, Tina Mae Allen, and Arlou Gill. Middle row from left: Roger Frazer, Frank Simington, Phil Oliver, John Upchurch, Marzene Boler, and Adolph Eggerding. Top row from left: John MacKenzie, William Rogers, Andrew Favors, Curtis Cowan, Charles Ehnborn, George Deushane, James Stevens, and Bob Kelly.

(29680) AFSCME delegation to Illinois AFL-CIO
circa 1963-09
Burke & Dean Photographers