American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (A.F.S.C.M.E. Logo image)

The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) traces its roots to Madison, Wisconsin where, in 1932, a small group of professional state employees organized to protect and promote the civil service. By 1936, the group gained recognition from the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and became AFSCME. By 1955 when the AFL merged with the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), AFSCME’s composition was expanding to include blue-collar public employees, and its focus had shifted to collective bargaining. Since that time, AFSCME has grown to one of the largest unions in the AFL-CIO, boasting 1.4 million members today. AFSCME represents workers in a variety of roles including corrections, emergency services, education, health care, law enforcement, public administration, public works, housing, and transportation.

The Walter P. Reuther Library at Wayne State University became the official repository for AFSCME in 1974. Since that time, it has collected the records of the union's international headquarters and some locals, as well as the personal papers of prominent union members.

The AFSCME collection abstracts, audio files, and images on our website are just a part of our total AFSCME Collection. Please contact Stefanie Caloia, the AFSCME Archivist, if you have any concerns, questions, or comments.

For more information about AFSCME please visit the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Web site.

(30501) AFSCME New York District Council 37 conferenceImage
(30502) Feinstein, Young, Fagin, circa 1946Image
(30503) AFSCME New York District Council 37's 25,000th memberImage
(30504) New York City labor rally, 1967Image
(30505) New York City labor rally, 1967Image
(30506) New York City labor rally, 1967Image
(30507) New York City labor rally, 1967Image
(30508) New York City labor rally, 1967Image
(30610) CartoonImage
(30611) Taft-Hartley 14(b) RepealImage
(30612) Memphis scales of justiceImage
(30613) Humphrey and WurfImage
(30614) National Urban League's Equal Opportunity Day AwardImage
(30615) National Urban League's Equal Opportunity Day Award banquetImage
(30616) Maritime Trades Department supports MemphisImage
(30617) Sarnoff, Young, and WurfImage
(30618) Wurf applauds JohnsonImage
(32012) AFSCME District Council 61, Shoe Auction, 1985Image
(32013) Labor and Civil Rights Illustration, The Public Employee, 1968.Image
(32014) Grand Rapids, Michigan strikers and policeImage
(32015) March for Equality, Chicago, IllinoisImage
(32037) Arnold ZanderImage
(32038) Boston, Massachusetts, Bus MonitorsImage
(32061) Wayne County PicketersImage
(32063) Hospital Demonstration, New YorkImage
(32064) AFSCME Power FlyerImage
(32065) AFSCME Voter RegistrationImage
(32276) AFSCME Washington State FlyerImage
(32277) AFSCME members with Chicago Mayor Harold WashingtonImage
(32278) AFSCME Local 1199 health care workers march Image
(32279) AFSCME members clean up after floodImage
(32280) 1940 AFSCME convention headquarters signImage
(32281) Arnold Zander shakes hands, 1940 AFSCME conventionImage
(32282) Macomb County, Michigan, political canvassingImage
(32283) Results of Organizing diagram, circa 1960sImage
(32319) AFSCME Council 25 negotiationsImage
(32647) AFSCME Local 12 members meet AFSCME President Jerry Wurf, 1968Image
(32649) Everett Sanderson and William Suzor, AFSCME Local 25, Wayne County, MichiganImage
(32651) Illinois State Hospital, AFSCME Local 26, Elgin, IllinoisImage
(32652) Illinois State School Employees, AFSCME Local 30, Normal, IllinoisImage
(32653) Springfield, Illinois Police OfficersImage
(32654) AFSCME Local 49, Springfield, Illinois Police support the March of DimesImage
(32655) AFSCME Local 172, Petunia Festival Parade, Dixon, Illinois, 1970Image
(32656) AFSCME Local 371 members on strike, 1965Image
(32657) AFSCME Local 371 strikers and supporters, New York, 1965Image
(32659) Manhattan Center, AFSCME Local 371 Strike Rally, 1965Image
(32660) Supporters of AFSCME Local 371's 1965 strike march in New YorkImage
(32661) AFSCME Local 420 demonstrationImage
(32662) AFSCME Local 372 staff, 1974Image
(32663) Hazel Edwards, AFSCME Local 457 President, 1979Image
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