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The American Federation of Teachers was founded in 1916 to represent the economic, social and professional interests of classroom teachers. Five divisions within the organization represent the broad spectrum of AFT's membership: teachers; paraprofessionals and school-related personnel; local, state and federal employees; higher education faculty and staff; and nurses and other healthcare professionals. In addition, the union includes more than 170,000 retiree members. Many well-known Americans have been AFT members, including John Dewey, Albert Einstein, Hubert Humphrey, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt, Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel, former Senate Majority Leader and Ambassador to Japan Mike Mansfield, and former United Nations Under Secretary and Nobel Peace Prize winner Ralph Bunche.

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(11862) Henry LinneImage
(11863) David SeldenImage
(11864) Ray MackeyImage
(11865) Hugh Jarvis & John ConverseImage
(11866) Henry Linne and David Selden at MFT conferenceImage
(11868) Chuck Richards & Hugh JarvisImage
(11869) Hugh JarvisImage
(11870) Hugh JarvisImage
(11871) MFT Campaign SignsImage
(11872) Marilyn Klein and Neil ManleyImage
(11873) John ArenstallImage
(11874) Hugh JarvisImage
(11875) Russell Hilbert, Mary Ruffatti & Kevin CuniffImage
(11876) Ladies at a teaImage
(11877) Russell HilbertImage
(11878) Amos Barnes and John ButlerImage
(11879) Hugh Jarvis & Tia WalkerImage
(11887) Henry Linne & Jane RehbergImage
(11888) Jane RehbergImage
(11889) Jane Rehberg & Archie AllenImage
(11890) Henry Linne & Archie AllenImage
(11891) Henry LinneImage
(11892) Henry Linne posing with awardsImage
(11893) Orville Leslie, Dave Selden & Hugh JarvisImage
(11894) Roseville Federation of TeachersImage
(11895) Hugh JarvisImage
(11907) Pat DalyImage
(11921) Mary Ellen RiordanImage
(11922) Rollie HopgoodImage
(11923) Bob JensenImage
(11924) Hugh JarvisImage
(11925) Mary Ellen Riordan and Hugh JarvisImage
(11926) Ray Machey, MFT PRSP ConferenceImage
(11927) Dr. Lynn M. BartlettImage
(11928) Ethel DavisImage
(11929) Mary Ellen Riordan and Henry LinneImage
(11930) AFT Arbitration ConferenceImage
(11931) AFT MeetingImage
(11932) Hugh JarvisImage
(11933) Carl Megel and Henry LinneImage
(11969) John ConyersImage
(11970) Mary Ellen RiordanImage
(11971) John ConyersImage
(11972) Henry LinneImage
(11973) East Detroit Federation of Teachers 1961DelegationImage
(11974) AFT Convention, Local 231Image
(11975) Rollie HopgoodImage
(11976) Mary Ellen RiordonImage
(11977) Hugh JarvisImage
(11978) Henry Linne, George MeanyImage