Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

It is a wonder that mention of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) brings scant recognition from the average person today. In the little over a decade that it flourished, the union evoked intense emotions among its members and detractors. The IWW, whose members (commonly known as Wobblies) advocated such radical ideas as an eight hour work day and a forty hour work week, fought and sometimes won bitter freedom of speech fights, championed the causes of mineworkers in Bisbee, Arizona, and struck to improve the working conditions in the textile mills of Patterson, N.J. and Lawrence, Mass. In its heyday, the IWW was almost a household name. Wobblies were hated by many and loved by a few, but most importantly, they played a significant role in the shaping of modern America.

(46038) Posters, Worker Solidarity, UndatedImage
(37643) Matilda and VitaImage
(37644) Vita and Matilda RobbinsImage
(37645) Matilda and Vita on the beach, [Massachusetts], probably 1921.Image
(37646) Los Angeles, California, Matilda and VitaImage
(37647) Vita and Matilda, Big Tujunga.Image
(37648) Matilda and Vita, August 1944Image
(46029) Lucy Parsons, Poster, 1986Image
(46031) Posters, Workers Education Local 189, 1997Image
(46032) Poster, Industrial Democracy, 1980sImage
(46033) IWW Songs, Concerts, 1984Image
(46035) Poster, Joe Hill, 1979Image
(46036) Posters, Anti-War Movement, Military Drafts, 1980sImage
(46037) Posters, "Fat Cat" Bosses, 1987Image
(46039) Posters, CNT, May Day Bash, 1987Image
(46040) Posters, One Big Union Structure, UndatedImage
(46041) Posters, Anti-War Movement, 1973Image
(46042) Posters, Concerts, Phillips, UndatedImage
(46043) Posters, "One Big Union," Auto Workers, UndatedImage
(46044) Poster, Union Organizing, Worker Education, IWW Pamphlets, UndatedImage
(46045) Posters, Pyramid of Capitalist System, UndatedImage
(46046) Poster, Fred Thompson Memorial, Cortez, Phillips, Chicago, c. 1987Image
(46047) Cartoons, IWW, Mr. Block, UndatedImage
(46048) Broadside, Poetry, Joe Hill, 1990Image
(46053) Poster, Centralia Conspiracy, Fund Raisers, 1920sImage
(46054) Cover Art, Sheet Music, "The Rebel Girl"Image
(46055) Labor Theater, "Wobblies," Haywood, 1976Image
(46056) Posters, CNT, Meetings, Mesa, 1978Image
(46057) Broadside, Carlos Tresca, Memorial Meeting, 1948Image
(46060) Sheet Music, "Songs of Separation"Image
(46061) Printing Block, IWW, 6-Hour Work DayImage
(46062) IWW Mourning Ribbon, UndatedImage
(46063) IWW Ribbon; Mining DepartmentImage
(46065) IWW Ballot BoxImage
(46066) Wooden IWW Calendar, UndatedImage
(46068) Poster IWW Organizing, Ku Klux Klan, 1920sImage
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