United Farm Workers of America (UFW)

 United Farm Workers of America (U.F.W. Logo image)

The United Farm Workers of America is the most influential farm-labor union in America. Founded in southern California, in the small San Joaquin Valley agricultural town of Delano in 1962, and led by Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and others, the United Farm Workers of America (UFW) has ceaselessly battled some of the most powerful forces in the agribusiness industry in an attempt to organize farm laborers, raise wages and improve working conditions. Currently Arturo Rodriquez, Chavez’s son-in-law, a union veteran and boycott organizer, heads the UFW and continues to work to organize farm workers.

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(198) Dolores Huerta, Scab Workers, California, c. 1970sImage
(199) Dolores Huerta, Portrait, c. 1970sImage
(200) Dolores Huerta, Rally, c. 1970sImage
(201) Senator Robert Kennedy, Dolores Huerta, 1968Image
(202) Dolores Huerta, Speaking, c. 1970sImage
(203) Dolores Huerta, Rally, c. 1970sImage
(204) Dolores Huerta, Picket Line, c. 1970sImage
(205) Dolroes Huerta, Speaking, c. 1980sImage
(206) Dolores Huerta, Speaking, 1978Image
(207) Dolores Huerta, Tom Hayden, 1977Image
(210) Child Labor, Field Work, California, c. 1960sImage
(211) Ceasr Chavez, Family, c. 1970sImage
(212) Cesar Chavez, Family, California, 1969Image
(213) National Charter, Cesar Chavez, George Meany, Msgr. George Henry, 1972Image
(214) Chavez Family, mid 1970sImage
(215) Cesar Chavez, Helen Chavez, Family, 1969Image
(216) Cesar Chavez, Dogs, c. mid 1970sImage
(218) Fasts, Cesar Chavez, Phoenix, Arizona, 1972Image
(219) Fasts, Cesar Chavez, Procession, Phoenix, Arizona, 1972Image
(220) Cesar Chavez, Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy, and Coretta Scott KingImage
(221) Portrait, Larry Itliong, 1960sImage
(223) Cesar Chavez, Speaking, Oslo, Norway, 1974Image
(225) Pickets, Safeway, California, 1973Image
(226) Demonstration, Boycott, New York City, 1969Image
(226) Demonstration, Gallo Wines, California, c. mid 1970sImage
(228) Cesar Chavez, Grape Boycott, Tulare County, California, 1965Image
(229) Cesar Chavez, Childhood, 1942Image
(230) Cesar Chavez, Childhood, Residence, Yuma, ArizonaImage
(232) National Farm Workers Association, Founding Convention, 1962Image
(233) Contract Negotiations, Giumarra Contract, Delano, California, 1970Image
(233) Signing of the Giumarra Contract, 1970Image
(234) Fasts, Cesar Chavez, Robert Kennedy, Delano, California, 1968Image
(235) Dolores Huerta, Farm Workers, California, c. 1969Image
(236) Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez, Demonstration, c. 1968.Image
(237) Dolores Huerta, Gallo Strike, 1973Image
(238) National Farm Workers Association (NFWA), Convention, Dolores Huerta,1962Image
(239) Rabbi Guthman, Cesar Chavez, 1971Image
(240) Demonstration, Coachella Strike, Coachella Valeey, California, c. 1970sImage
(242) El Teatro Campesino, 1969Image
(243) El Teatro Campesino, 1966Image
(244) Field Work, Short Handled HoeImage
(245) Agbayani Village, Construction, Delano, California, 1972Image
(246) Union Birth Benefit program, Cesar ChavezImage
(247) Living Conditions, Labor Camp, Florida, 1969Image
(248) Living Conditions, Labor Camp, Florida, 1969Image
(249) Marches, Delano to Sacramento, California, 1966Image
(250) Marches, Delano to Sacramento, 1966Image
(251) Marches, Delano to Sacramento, California, 1966Image
(252) United Farm Workers Officials, 1976Image
(253) Pesticide Spraying, Field WorkImage