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(6571) Strikes, Gastonia Textile Strike, North Carolina, 1929 Image
Edith Christenson, Soviet Union, 1925 Image
Sarah Stanford-McIntyre Image
(5499) Copper Country Strike, Strike Support, 1913 Image
(6199) Brookwood Labor College; Class Meetings Image
(6562) Strikes, San Francisco Street Car Strike, 1907 Image
(6563) Strikes, Indianapolis Street Car Strike, Violence, 1912 Image
(6564) Strikes, New Jersey Freight Handlers Strike, 1914 Image
(6565) Strikes, New Jersey Chemical Company, Violence, 1915 Image
(6566) Strikes, New Jersey Oil Company Strike, Bayonne, New Jersey, 1915 Image
(6567) Strikes, New Jersey Oil Company Strike, Bayonne, Violence, New Jersey, 1915 Image
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