Cavanagh, Jerome P.

(27080) Memorial Services, Civil Unrest, Riots, Rebellions, Detroit, 1967 Image
(27089) Parades, St. Patrick's Day, 1967 Image
(27093) Cavanagh, Job Training, Detroit, 1967 Image
(27095) Cavanagh, Austin, Detroit, 1960s Image
(27105) Political Campaigns, Cavanagh, 1970 Image
(27108) Political Campaigns, Cavanagh, 1970 Image
(27109) Political Campaigns, Cavanagh, 1970 Image
(27117) Sports, Detroit, Downtown Stadium, 1966 Image
(27120) Motown, Supremes, 1966 Image
(27124) Housing Commission, Cavanagh, Chambers, 1963 Image
(27138) Television Programs, Cavanagh, Barker, 1969 Image
(27167) Cavanagh, Poole, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, 1969 Image
(27168) Cavanagh, Wayne State University, Groundbreaking, 1962 Image
(27169) Television Programs, Cavanagh, Hilberry, Downs, 1960s Image
(27170) Cavanagh, Williams, Detroit Zoo, 1962 Image
(27171) Cavanagh, Williams, 1960s Image
(27174) Max Fisher, Jerome Cavanagh, WTVS Auction, 1971 Image
(27177) Cavanagh, Young, Fredericks, 1960s Image
(27191) Cavanagh, Breakthough Pickets, Press Conference, 1960s Image
(27193) Cavanagh, Stepp, Events, 1960s Image
(27198) Cavanagh, Reuther, City Planning, 1966 Image
(27199) Cavanagh, City Planning, 1960s Image
(27201) Historical Markers, Essex County, Canada, 1963 Image
(27208) Mayor Cavanagh Recall Petition, 1967 Image
(27720) Cavanagh, Virginia Park Residents, 1967 Image
(27721) Portrait of Mayor Cavanagh, 1960s Image
(27727) Cavanagh, Civic Events, 1968 Image
(27729) Cavanagh, City Airport, Dedication, 1966 Image
(27731) Cavanagh, Civic Center Plaza, Planning, 1969 Image
(27745) Cavanagh, Greektown, Ethnic Festivals, 1969 Image
(27746) Cavanagh, Press Conferences, Gun Control, 1968 Image
(28541) Martin Luther King, Detroit, 1968 Image
(29585) Riots, Rebellions, Cavanagh, Meet the Press, 1967 Image
(37635) Proposed Olympic stadium Image
(37636) Proposed Olympic stadium Image
(37638) Proposed Olympic village Image
(37639) Olympic bid prototype logos Image
(37640) Olympic bid prototype logo Image
(37641) Olympic bid prototype logo Image
(37642) Proposed Olympic sporting venues Image
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