United Automobile Workers of America (UAW)

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The United Automobile Workers of America (UAW) is the primary union within the American automobile industry. Founded in 1935, the UAW became one of the most powerful unions in the United States, both on the shop floor and within the American polity.

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Employment Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics, from United Auto Workers Special Projects Department RecordsDocuments
Introduction to the UAW Archives and Instructions for Sending Records to the Walter P. Reuther LibraryDocuments
(11384) Meetings, National Council, United Automobile Workers Federal Labor Union, 1935Image
(25233) UAW Organizing, Violence, Battle of the Overpass, Dearborn, 1937Image
Edith Van Horn, UAW, Detroit, Michigan, 1963Image
Horace Sheffield, Shelton Tappes, Robert "Buddy" BattleImage
Letter from Walter P. Reuther to Senator Gaylord NelsonImage
Michael O. SmithImage
Portraits, Mildred Jeffrey, UndatedImage
(001) UAW Organizing, Reuther, Frankensteen, Battle of the Overpass, 1937Image
(281) Canadian UAW members, Coachella Valley, California Image
(304) African Americans; UAW organizing, Detroit, MichiganImage