AFSCME Central Regional Office: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Clerical Administrative Campaign Records Abstracts
AFSCME Publications Abstracts
David Hershey Posters Abstracts
Joseph Goulden Papers Abstracts
Peter John Moralis Papers Abstracts
State Workers Organizing Committee Records Abstracts
Walter P. Reuther Library Vertical Files Collection Abstracts
1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blog entry
AFSCME and September 11, 2001 Blog entry
Moment of Silence for Memphis Sanitation Workers Blog entry
Nelson Mandela, AFSCME, and Detroit in 1990 Blog entry
Now on view: All Labor Has Dignity: The 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike, Photographs by Richard L. Copley Blog entry
Remembering Paul Booth, 1943-2018 Blog entry
AFL-CIO letter to Tennessee Council on Human Relations, 1968 Documents
AFSCME Archives Instructions Documents
AFSCME Ciampa letter to C. Blackburn, Memphis, 1968 Documents
AFSCME Local 1733 contract, 1968 Documents
AFSCME Memo, Ciampa to Wurf, Memphis, 1968 Documents
AFSCME memo, Fitzpatrick to Ames, Michigan donations, 1968 Documents
AFSCME memo, Tom Fitzpatrick to Michigan locals regarding Memphis strike, 1968 Documents
AFSCME News Release, Leaders found in contempt Documents
AFSCME Oral History Transcript; Joan Goddard (President of Local 101), interviewed by Johanna Russ Documents
AFSCME Sanitation Workers' Strike, Blueprint for Action Documents
Apology from Memphis sanitation workers to citizens of Memphis, 1968 Documents
Letter, AFL-CIO Regional Director to Baxton Bryant, Memphis Sanitation Strike, 1968 Documents
Memorial Program for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Memphis, 1968 Documents
Memphis Sanitation Strike Strategy Committee letter Documents
Proposed Agreement, AFSCME Local 1733 Memphis, 1965 Documents
(32012) AFSCME District Council 61, Shoe Auction, 1985 Image
(32013) Labor and Civil Rights Illustration, The Public Employee, 1968. Image
(32014) Grand Rapids, Michigan strikers and police Image
(32015) March for Equality, Chicago, Illinois Image
(32038) Boston, Massachusetts, Bus Monitors Image
(32061) Wayne County Picketers Image
(32063) Hospital Demonstration, New York Image
(32064) AFSCME Power Flyer Image
(32065) AFSCME Voter Registration Image
(32276) AFSCME Washington State Flyer Image
(32277) AFSCME members with Chicago Mayor Harold Washington Image
(32278) AFSCME Local 1199 health care workers march Image
(32279) AFSCME members clean up after flood Image
(32280) 1940 AFSCME convention headquarters sign Image
(32282) Macomb County, Michigan, political canvassing Image
(32283) Results of Organizing diagram, circa 1960s Image
(34069) Candlelight Vigil, Attica Prison, Local 1040, 1971 Image
(34346) Delegates, AFSCME International Convention, Las Vegas, 1978 Image
(34347) Las Vegas Convention Center, AFSCME International Convention, 1978 Image
(34348) Delegates, AFSCME PEOPLE, International Convention, Las Vegas, 1978 Image
(34349) John Kenneth Galbraith, Jerry Wurf, AFSCME International Convention, Las Vegas, 1978 Image
(34350) Interior, Las Vegas Convention Center, AFSCME International Convention, 1978 Image
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