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(5878) Cesar Chavez, Demonstrations, 1969
(5877) Volunteers for the United Farm Workers (UFW) Union, circa 1960s
(5875) Celebrities show support for the 1988 "Fast for Life"
(5874) Celebrities speak to the press in support of the "Fast for Life"
(5873) California Governor Jerry Brown
(5872) Grape Boycott pickets
(5871) Pickets near Earlimont, California, 1969
(5870) Organizers for the Los Angeles Boycott, 1969
(5869) UFW picketer arrested at demonstration
(5868) UFW picketer arrested near Roberto Poso Ranch
(5866) Father Jack O'Malley is arrested during a UFW demonstration
(5864) Visitors at Agbayani Village, circa 1970s
(5863) Two cows graze in the fields of Agbayani Village
(5862) Sign for the Agbayani Village
(5861) Dedication ceremony for the Paolo Agbayani Retirement Village
(5859) Dedication ceremony at the Paolo Agbayani Retirement Village, 1974
(5858) Construction crew at the Paolo Agabayani Retirement Village
(3824) Children, Pickets, Grape Boycott, 1968
(363) Walter Reuther, Cesar Chavez, California, 1960s
(31813) Cesar Chavez, Andy Boy Boycott, 1980s
(362) Walter Reuther, Larry Itliong, Cesar Chavez, California
(362) Walter Reuther marches with striking farm workers
(2559) Carolyn Preece, Achievement Award, 1980 National Convention
(2580) Carolyn Phillips, SWE Fellow, 1980 National Convention
(2558) Naomi McAfee, SWE Fellow, 1980 National Convention
(2577) Ada Pressman, Speaker, 1980 National Convention
(2574) Elsie Eaves, SWE Fellow, 1980 National Convention
(2584) Elizabeth Plunkett, Bette Krenzer, 1980 National Convention
(2563) Lydia Pickup, CSR Meeting, 1980 National Convention
(2557) Ivy Parker, Speaker, 1980 National Convention