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Frances Perkins Papers
Robert Sinclair Papers
Olga Dworkin Papers
(38505) Fast for Non-Violence, Catholic Church, California, 1968
Folklore Fridays: Halloween Edition
(73374) Animals, Cats, 1920s
(36379) Haunted House, Canada, 1920s
(64320) Halloween, Children, Games, Ghosts, 1920s
Brown Bag Talk: Kelly Goodman on "Taxing Limits: The Political Economy of American School Finance"
United Way for Southeastern Michigan: 100 Years of Giving
(35881) Miss Torchy, 1956.
(35890) UF; Diana Ross on camera for "It’s Happening;” Torch Drive promotional film, 1967.
(35894) Shell - Care enough to share enough, 1958 Torch Drive, give once for all!, 1958.
Panel Discussion - Organizing Auto Workers, Organizing their History: The UAW and the Walter P. Reuther Library at Wayne State University's Sesquicentennial
(35906) Torch Drive, United Foundation torch lighting, 1953.
(37657) A group of women standing along the Detroit Walk to Freedom march route, watching the marchers.
(35868) Hamtramck Likes UF, 1952.
(35864) QUOTA $1,510,260, EMPLOYEES $1,771,580, PLEDGE % of QUOTA 117.3%, UF PER CAP. $24.35; Report Meeting, 1958.
(35887) You are the heart of Detroit.. GIVE ONCE FOR ALL, 1955 TORCH DRIVE, OCT. 18-NOV. 10; Promotion buses; Miss Torchy, 1955.
(12389) AFSCME, CSEA leaders at merger, 1978
(12390) Donohue, AFSCME IVP, 1984
(12392) Pay Equity, Press Conference, Nassau County, New York, 1983
(12393) CSEA, AFSCME, Demonstration, Layoffs, 1980s
(12391) Danny Donohue, AFSCME, CSEA
(12386) Epstein, Wurf, Trask, Affiliation, 1971
(12385) AFSCME, UPW, HGEA Affiliation, 1971
(12388) Wurf, McGowan, AFSCME, CSEA Affiliation, 1978
(12387) HGEA, UPW, Affiliate with AFSCME, 1971
Book Talk: The Half-Life of Deindustrialization with Sherry Lee Linkon
(12384) US Marine Corps, AFSCME Member, 1943