Cesar Chavez, Walter Reuther, and the United Farm Workers of America Collection

(363) Walter Reuther, Cesar Chavez, California, 1960s

Social movements which can disrupt the status quo and go on to change the course of events for the participants often coalesce around a leader. Such were the circumstances in 1962, when Cesar Chavez, a former migrant worker and community activist, began the long struggle for farm workers’ rights by organizing the National Farm Workers Association in Delano, California—the forerunner of the United Farm Workers of America (UFW). Due to the efforts of UAW President Walter P. Reuther, the papers of the UFW are open to researchers at the Reuther Library.  read more »

Announcing the Recipients of the 2014 Sam Fishman Travel Grants

The Walter P. Reuther Library is very pleased to announce the Sam Fishman Travel Grant Awardees for 2014. Each year, the Fishman Travel Grants provide up to $1000 for travel to the Reuther Library for research into its vast collection of archival records related to American labor movement. The award is named in honor of Sam Fishman, one of Michigan’s great labor leaders.  read more »

The Eastern Airlines Strike of 1989

(31516) EAL Strike Cartoon, 1989

At 12:01 am on March 4th, 1989 the ALPA pilots of Eastern Airlines (EAL) walked out in a sympathy strike to support the International Association of Machinists (IAM) strike. The pilots held the line for 285 days, but when they finally voted to return to work at the end of November there were no jobs left to return to. In fact, in less than three years after the vote to strike, Eastern Airlines ceased operations permanently, never to fly again.  read more »

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