Event: Marcus Cederström discusses "The Life and Times of a Swedish Immigrant: Signe Aurell’s Working Words"

(393) Everett Memorial, Violence, May Day, Washington, 1917

The Reuther Library is pleased to host Marcus Cederström as he shares his research on Signe Aurell on March 17th at noon. The event is open to the public.

Cederström's research considers the significant role Swedish women immigrants took in socially engaged action in the United States, particularly in support of temperance and labor movements.  read more »

2016 Sam Fishman Travel Grant Recipients

The Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs at Wayne State University is pleased to announce the awards from the Sam Fishman Travel Grant program for 2016. These annual grants provide up to $1,000 to support travel to the Reuther Library to access archival records related to the American labor movement. The award is named in honor of Sam Fishman, a former UAW and Michigan AFL-CIO leader.  read more »

SEIU's Justice for Janitors MOPSCAR Awards

(32780) Justice for Janitors demonstration

SEIU has a knack for creative protest imagery. In 1993, SEIU members parodied the Oscars to raise awareness of Los Angeles-area janitors demonstrating for improved working conditions. In recognition of this year’s approaching Academy Awards, we will take a look back at this portion of the Justice for Janitors campaign.  read more »

Collection Spotlight: The Edward Stanton Photographs

(33827) Street Scenes, Children, Black Bottom, Detroit

The Reuther Library is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Edward Stanton Photographs. The collection features the earliest surviving work of the Detroit-born photographer, Edward Stanton (1914-2006), and includes images taken in Detroit’s Paradise Valley and Black Bottom neighborhoods in the years surrounding the end of the Great Depression.  read more »

How Mary Ellen Riordan Lead the Detroit Federation of Teachers' Fight for Collective Bargaining

(34033) Mary Ellen Riordan, Detroit Federation of Teachers, Detroit, Michigan, 1960s

The Detroit Federation of Teachers has seen a number of challenges and triumphs since its founding in 1931 – a significant number of which occurred during the 21-year tenure of president Mary Ellen Riordan. Riordan guided the union through many transformative events, including the introduction of collective bargaining for teachers and the first teacher strike in Detroit, and was involved with various court cases that transformed education policy and public employee unions.  read more »

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