Event: "Putting Class on the Map: Towards a Labor Cartography"

(34343) McFarland Map of UAW Local 174 Connections

Please join us June 1 at noon for a brown bag research discussion in the Reuther Conference Room.

From hand-sketched diagrams of plant layouts drawn up in hasty preparation for strikes, to diagrams of syndicalist visions of One Big Union, mapping has long been an important but overlooked part of labor organizing. Steve McFarland, Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Tampa, will be at the Reuther Library in May and June doing research into maps created by workers organizations.  read more »

Meet Brandon Carter, Facilities Coordinator

(34341) Portrait of Brandon Carter, 2016

The Walter P. Reuther Library is pleased to introduce Brandon Carter as its new Facilities Coordinator. One of the Reuther Library’s most essential employees the past two years, he has played a role in many of the archives’ core functions. This experience and a Swiss Army knife-like skill set makes Brandon uniquely qualified in his new role, where he will do everything from oversee student employees to liaison with other departments on campus.  read more »

Tech Talk -- Social Media Outreach

The Reuther Library’s Facebook presence has been alive and well since our first posts were submitted back in 2009. Over the course of our nearly seven years of use  read more »

Event: Sacramento Knoxx and Storytelling as History

Sacramento Knoxx and Storytelling Event

The 5th event in our series “Latino Americans: 500 Years of History” will take place at 6pm this Friday, April 22, as part of the Wayne State University Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies’ Academia del Pueblo!

Join us in General Lectures room 150 for an exploration of storytelling and narrative evidence. We’ll feature a performance from Sacramento Knoxx, who will share his new piece on Southwest Detroit.

We will also discuss the future of the Detroit area's archival records in a panel:

"What Do We Need to Document Our Community's History Into the Archives?"  read more »

The Southern Airways strike of 1960: ALPA’s epic battle over fair wages for pilots

(34249) Southern Airways Strike, 1960s

By the late 1950s, it was becoming increasingly clear that the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) would have to strike against Southern Airways (SOU). The main issue was wages. The union maintained that all of their aviators should receive the same salary regardless of the size of the airline, but SOU, a smaller, regional carrier, claimed they could only afford to pay a lower rate. ALPA knew this was a battle they had to take on, though it would not be easy. Frank Hulse, the founder and president of SOU, was staunchly anti-union, and had recently succeeded in breaking up the mechanic’s union at Southern Airways. ALPA was the last union standing at SOU.  read more »

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