Wayne State and Title IX Panel Discussion - March 22, 11am

Wayne State and Title IX Panel Discussion
Thursday, March 22
11 a.m.
Purdy/Kresge Library Simons Room (144)

Many people think of Title IX as mostly affecting sports but its reach on college campuses goes far beyond athletics.  read more »

Folklore Friday: Irish Edition

Folklore Archives, Irish

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, this Folklore Friday we focus on the legends, beliefs, and traditions of the Irish, as recorded by students for their individual field projects.  read more »

NAACP Detroit Branch Records - An addition to a long history of fighting for civil rights and community improvement

The Walter P. Reuther Library is happy to announce an addition to the NAACP Detroit Branch Records collection.

The Detroit Branch of the NAACP was established in 1912, making it one of the oldest branches in the country. Over the past century, this organization has worked to support and improve the lives of African Americans, particularly in areas of housing, employment, education, police-community relations, and voting.  read more »

50 Years Later: the Kerner Commission and the Poor People's Campaign

(25381) Marches, Demonstrations, Poor People's Campaign, Washington DC, 1968

On February 29, 1968, The Kerner Commission issued its report on the root causes of urban rebellion in the United States. Though the report was a top-down response to inequality, it was not the only response to growing unrest in American cities. That same year, Ralph Abernathy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. planned the Poor People’s Campaign to address a lack of economic opportunity through grassroots organizing and demonstration.  read more »

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