The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

(28853) Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

At the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU) International Convention, held in St. Louis, Missouri, May 23-28, 2012, the CBTU membership voted in Terrance (Terry) Melvin as its new President. Terry Melvin is the second president in CBTU’s 40 year history. William (Bill) Lucy had been CBTU president since the organization’s founding in 1972. Lucy also served for 38 years as the Secretary-Treasurer of AFSCME before retiring in 2010.  read more »

Subject Focus: The Purple Gang

(27858) Prohibition, Blind Pigs, Detroit, 1931

In the Winter 2012 semester, the Reuther Library worked with students in the Graduate Certificate in Archival Administration program at the Wayne State School of Library and Information Science to produce a series of student-written, guest blog posts.

Camille Chidsey is a Library and Information Science graduate student at Wayne State University. Her concentrations are in Archival Administration and Digital Content Management.

"'These boys are not like other children of their age, they’re tainted off color.' 'Yes,' replied the other shopkeeper. 'They’re rotten, purple like the color of bad meat, they’re a Purple Gang.'"  read more »

Alan Reuther: the UAW's Voice in Washington

(29090) UAW, Alan and Walter Reuther, UFW meeting, Delano, California, 1965

The Walter Reuther Library is pleased to announce that an oral history with Alan Reuther is now open for research. Alan Reuther was the Legislative Director for the United Automobile Workers of America (UAW). He served in the UAW’s Washington Office from 1982 until his retirement in 2010. Over the course of his tenure as Legislative Director, Automotive News often cited Reuther as one of the 50 most influential people in the auto industry.  read more »

Fieldwork with the AFT archivist

(28917) File cabinet, Cleveland, Ohio 2012

Another city, another hotel, and another office with documents ready to be appraised and brought to the archive. Sounds mundane, but within these trips there is the element of surprise. What will the file cabinets and dusty boxes contain? Will those in charge of the files be willing to give full access to everything or just one room? What type of work environment will I be in? Are the files ordered or a jumbled mess? What has already been thrown away? Will there be coffee? You never really know what you will find even after speaking with your contact. This is the life of the field archivist.  read more »

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