Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

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The Society of Women Engineers was founded in 1950 by women engineering students and professionals who sought to support women in engineering as well as to encourage young women to pursue and excel in the male-dominated field. Although membership has grown from 61 founding members in 1950 to more than 30,000 members in 2017, women remain a minority in the engineering and technology fields and SWE continues its mission to support and promote practicing and aspiring women engineers.

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(1261) Nancy Fitzroy, PortraitImage
(1262) Nancy Fitzroy, PortraitImage
(1263) Irmgard Flugge-Lotz, PortraitImage
(1264) Isabelle French, At WorkImage
(1265) Isabelle French, PortraitImage
(1266) Ann Fletcher, At WorkImage
(1267) Joy Arthur, At WorkImage
(1268) Miriam Gerla, PortraitImage
(1269) Lillian Gilbreth, PortraitImage
(1270) Lillian Gilbreth, PortraitImage
(1271) Janet Guthrie, PortraitImage
(1272) Kathleen Harer, Resnick Challenger MedalImage
(1273) Arminta Harness, USAF MedalImage
(1274) Arminta Harness, PortraitImage
(1276) Beatrice Hicks, CommencementImage
(1277) Beatrice Hicks, Commencement GroupImage
(1278) Beatrice Hicks, Commencement Hooding CeremonyImage
(1279) Beatrice Hicks, Commencement RecessionalImage
(1280) Beatrice Hicks, Commencement, Rensselaer PresidentImage
(1281) Beatrice Hicks, PortraitImage
(1282) Beatrice Hicks, PortraitImage
(1283) Beatrice Hicks, PortraitImage
(1284) Beatrice Hicks, PortraitImage
(1285) Shirley Holmgreen, PortraitImage
(1286) Grace Murray Hopper, Goode Memorial AwardImage
(1287) Grace Murray Hopper, At WorkImage
(1288) Grace Murray Hopper, PortraitImage
(1289) Helen Huckenpahler, PortraitImage
(1290) Margaret Hutchinson Rousseau, PortraitImage
(1292) Barbara Johnson, At WorkImage
(1293) Isabella Karle, PortraitImage
(1294) Jane Knoche, PortraitImage
(1295) Bette Krenzer, 1986 National ConventionImage
(1296) Doris Kuhlmann-Wilsdorf, PortraitImage
(1297) Jacqueline LaBarre, PortraitImage
(1298) Rosemary Lafrance, PortraitImage
(1299) Ruby Langford, PortraitImage
(1300) Karen Lawrence, PortraitImage
(1301) Stella Lawrence, At WorkImage
(1302) Stella Lawrence, PortraitImage
(1303) Lydia Lazurenko, PortraitImage
(1304) Desireer LeBeau, PortraitImage
(1305) Dawne Lekang, PortraitImage
(1306) Virginia Lincoln, PortraitImage
(1307) Francis Lockwood, PortraitImage
(1308) Sharon Loeffler, 1981 National ConventionImage
(1309) Anna Longobardo, PortraitImage
(1310) Paula Loring-Simon, At WorkImage
(1311) Paula Loring, PortraitImage
(1313) Elsie Gregory MacGill, PortraitImage