Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

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The Society of Women Engineers was founded in 1950 by women engineering students and professionals who sought to support women in engineering as well as to encourage young women to pursue and excel in the male-dominated field. Although membership has grown from 61 founding members in 1950 to more than 30,000 members in 2017, women remain a minority in the engineering and technology fields and SWE continues its mission to support and promote practicing and aspiring women engineers.

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(1380) Sally Ride, PortraitImage
(1381) Harriette Rigas, PortraitImage
(1382) Mabel Rockwell, PortraitImage
(1383) Marguerite Rogers, PortraitImage
(1384) Marguerite Rogers, At WorkImage
(1385) Mary Rogers, PortraitImage
(1386) Barbara Rosenstroch, PortraitImage
(1387) Meredith Ross, SpeakerImage
(1388) Felicita Saiez, PortraitImage
(1389) Olive Salembier, PortraitImage
(1390) Alta Grant Samuels, At WorkImage
(1391) Carol Schamp, PortraitImage
(1392) Shirley Schwartz, PortraitImage
(1393) Deborah Settoon, PortraitImage
(1394) Ruth Shafer, ICWES IIImage
(1395) Ruth Shafer, PortraitImage
(1396) Patricia Shamamy, PortraitImage
(1397) Irene Sharpe, PortraitImage
(1398) John Short, PortraitImage
(1399) Claire Shorthall, PortraitImage
(1400) JoAnn Silverstein, PortraitImage
(1401) Judith Simmons, PortraitImage
(1402) Dorothy Martin Simon, At WorkImage
(1403) Dorothy Martin Simon, At WorkImage
(1404) Dorothy Martin Simon, PortraitImage
(1405) Virginia Sink, At WorkImage
(1406) Virginia Sink, At WorkImage
(1407) Martha Sloan, PortraitImage
(1408) Elizabeth Snyder, PortraitImage
(1409) Theresa Snyder, PortraitImage
(1410) Birgit Sorgenfrei, PortraitImage
(1414) Rebecca Sparling, At WorkImage
(1416) Rebecca Sparling, At WorkImage
(1417) Amy Spear, At WorkImage
(1418) Jaclyn Spear, PortraitImage
(1419) Katharine Stinson, PortraitImage
(1420) Katharine Stinson, PortraitImage
(1423) Olive Salembier, At WorkImage
(1424) William Streett, PortraitImage
(1425) Alice Stoll, PortraitImage
(1427) Sally Sussman, PortraitImage
(1428) Rebecca Svatos, PortraitImage
(1433) Alexis Swoboda, PortraitImage
(1434) Margaret Taber, PortraitImage
(1435) Guiliana Tesoro, PortraitImage
(1436) Claire Thielen, PortraitImage
(1437) Martha Thomas, PortraitImage
(1438) Jill TietjenImage
(1439) Margaret Umphres, PortraitImage
(1440) Linda Velez-Rodriguez, PortraitImage