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Highlights of the Commission Meeting memoranda, Detroit Commission on Community Relations Documents
(26007) Riots, Rebellions, Looting, West Side, 1967 Image
(26098) Riots, Rebellions, U.S. Army, Living Conditions, State Fairgrounds, 1967 Image
(26108) Riots, Rebellions, Arrests, 1967 Image
(26121) Riots, Rebellions, Housing, National Guard, Boy Scouts, 1967 Image
(26144) Purple Gang, Collingwood Massacre, Detroit, 1931 Image
(27967) Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (BPPSD), Police, Confrontation, 1970 Image
(27974) Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (BPPSD), Brown (Al-Amin), Undated Image
(28294) Ethnic Communities, Scottish, Dance, 1922 Image
(28306) Ethnic Communities, Romanian, Romanian Hall, 1961 Image
(2848) Streetcars, Gratiot Ave, Russell Street, Detroit, Michigan 1956 Image
(28526) Mike Illich, Fox Theater, Detroit, 1990 Image
(28650) Riots, Housing, Sojourner Truth, 1942 Image
(28653) Riots, Housing, Sojourner Truth, Violence, 1942 Image
(28656) Ford Motor Company, Alexander Trottman, 1993 Image
(28906) Vatican City, St. Peter's Basilica, Interior View, 1962 Image
(29137) Sports, Baseball, Ernie Harwell, 1992 Image
(30568) Segregations, Housing Discrimination, Undated Image
(31864) Organized Crime, Purple Gang, Mug Shots, 1930s Image
(79661) Ethnic Communities, Filipino, Cuisine, 1971 Image
(79711) Ethnic Communities, Chinese, Family Life, 1956 Image
(9163) Migrant Workers, Saginaw, Michigan, 1954 Image
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