Urban Affairs

Marvin P. Marks Papers Abstracts
Michigan Dance Archives: Marygrove College Department of Dance Records Abstracts
Alan W. Mather Papers Abstracts
MATRIX Walter and May Reuther Senior Services Center Records Abstracts
Wade H. McCree, Jr. Papers Abstracts
Richard McGhee Papers Abstracts
McGregor Fund Records Abstracts
Tracy William McGregor Papers Abstracts
Patrick Vincent McNamara Papers Abstracts
Norman McRae Papers Abstracts
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Dr. Esther McGinnis Records Abstracts
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Dr. J. William Rioux Records Abstracts
Metropolitan Coalition of Women Abstracts
Metropolitan Coalition of Women Records Abstracts
Metropolitan Detroit Building Fund Records Abstracts
Metropolitan Detroit Council of Churches Records Abstracts
Metropolitan Detroit Health Education Council Records Abstracts
Metropolitan Detroit Medical Library Group Records Abstracts
A.G. and Marie Mezerik Papers Abstracts
Michigan Citizens Lobby Records Abstracts
Michigan Coalition for Human Rights Records Abstracts
Michigan Commission On Displaced Persons Records Abstracts
Michigan Constitutional Convention Records Abstracts
Michigan Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights Records Abstracts
Michigan Welfare League Records Abstracts
Richard Miller Papers Abstracts
Miners For Democracy Records Abstracts
George F. Montgomery Jr. Papers Abstracts
Glen Moon Photographs Abstracts
Loretta Moore Papers Abstracts
John Musial Papers Abstracts
NAACP Detroit Branch Records Abstracts
Nancy vom Steeg Papers Abstracts
National Organization for Women (NOW): Downriver Chapter Records, Parts I & II Abstracts
National University Extension Association: Conferences and Institutes Division Records Abstracts
Nettie Jones Papers Abstracts
New Detroit, Inc. Records Abstracts
Harvey O'Connor Papers Abstracts
Fay O'Hare Papers Abstracts
William Palmer Papers Abstracts
Frank A. Parker Papers Abstracts
Parkside Homes Records Abstracts
Charles Petcher Papers Abstracts
Vincent Petitpren Papers Abstracts
Alex Pilch Papers Abstracts
Irving Pokempner Papers Abstracts
Prismatic Club of Detroit Records Abstracts
Philip Rahoi Papers Abstracts
Ramon S. Scruggs, Sr. Papers Abstracts
Bonnie Lee Moss Rattner Papers Abstracts
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