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The following list contains abstracts of Reuther manuscript and records collections. Collection guides or finding aids may be found at the bottom of the collection abstract node. Please contact Kristen Chinery, Reference Archivist for more information.

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TitleDate RangeFamilyAccession Number
Wayne State University University Relations Division Records1936-1977WSR000005
Wayne State University University Services and Development Vice President William E. Stirton Records1935-1956, bulk 1952-1955WSR000576
Wayne State University Office of the Vice President and Treasurer Olin Thomas Records1928-1970, bulk 1949-1959WSR000155
Wayne State University Vice President for Student Affairs James McCormick Records1962-1968WSR000261
Alexander J. Walt Papers1962-1996WSP000732
Frank S. Walker Papers1896, 1905WSP000111
Wayne Engineering Research Institute Records1942-1961, bulk 1946-1957WSR000575
Wayne State University Wayne University Club Records1937-1971WSR000132
Wayne University Sociological Society Records1937-1952, bulk 1945-1952WSR000074
WDET Program Guides and Reports1951-2002WSR002162
Mary Elvira Weeks Papers1850-1978, bulk 1960-1978WSP000524
Alfred H. Whittaker Papers1940-1954UP000757
Marshall A. Wheatley Papers1941-1957WSP000014
Wayne State University College of Pharmacy Office of the Dean: Dr. Stephen Wilson Records1955-1963, bulk 1955-1960WSR000141
Eleanor Wolf Papers1936-1939WSP000239
Wayne State University Women's Resource Center Records1972-2003, bulk 1976-1998WSR001819
Wayne State University Yearbooks1900-2005WSR002149
Jerry and Mildred Wurf Papers1936-1982, bulk 1952-1981LP001132
Captain J. H. Wylie Papers1942-1970, bulk 1959-1964LP000678
Cornelius J. Yaklin Papers1937LP000505
Minoru Yamasaki Papers1915-2001, bulk 1955-1980UP002108
Winthrop Yinger Papers1959-1970 LP001020
Coleman Young Papers1964-1993, bulk 1993UP000449
Holgate Young Papers1948-1975, bulk 1955-1975LP000546
Young Woman's Home Association Records1877-2003UR001923
John Zaremba Papers1935-1961LP000013
John Zieger Papers1942-1980 LP000843
JCA: Zionist Organization of America Records1928-2005, bulk 1980-2005UR002346
Richard Zweiback Papers1964-1966LP000268
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