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TitleDate RangeFamilyAccession Number
Wayne State University Law School Student Directories1956-1992WSR002159
C. Henri Leonard, M.D. Papers1879-1907WSP000398
Madeleine M. Leininger Papers1953-1995, bulk 1961-1995WSP000725
Samuel M. Levin Papers1871-1975WSP000059
Willard R. Lenz Papers1927-1932WSP000051
Orville F. Linck Papers1936-1962WSP000152
Wayne State University College of Education Library Science Department Records1952-1967 (bulk 1963-1967)WSR000322
Wayne State University College of Liberal Arts: Gordon Grosscup Student-Faculty Board Records1965-1967, bulk 1966WSR000241
Wayne State University Library Science Alumni Association Newsletters1976-1993WSR002514
Wayne State University Library Science Student Association Publications1971-1998WSR002513
Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science Publications1968-2007WSR002512
Wayne University College of Liberal Arts Counseling Services Records1935-1947 [bulk 1943-1945]WSR000101
Paul Lutzeier Papers1922-1967WSP000010
David Mackenzie Papers1882-1926WSP000480
Donald C. Marsh Papers1937-1976WSP000019
Donald Martyn Papers1906-1908WSP000052
Wayne State University Mathematics Department Chair Alfred L. Nelson Records1928-1959 [bulk 1943-1955]WSR000068
Wayne University Mackenzie Union Financial Records1933-1938WSR002687
Edward McFarland Papers1926-1950WSP000066
Theodore McGraw, Jr. Diary1898WSP000050
Wilson McTeer Papers1938-1970WSP000026
Wayne State University Medical Articles and Reprints1859,1877-1966, bulk 1900-1940WSR000000_MAR
Wayne State University Office of Media Relations Publications1984-1997WSR002501
Wayne State University School of Medicine Business Office Records1936-1971WSR000258
Wayne State University School of Medicine Department of Physiology News Notes1962-1981WSR002396
Wayne State University School of Medicine Information Office Records1978-2008, bulk 1980-2003WSR002523
Wayne University Medical Library Records1901-1949 WSR000105
Wayne University Medical Science Center Records1940-1952, bulk 1942-1946WSR000510
Michigan Library Consortium Records1973WSR000315
Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute Records1933-1937, 1953-1980, bulk 1953-1973WSR000354
Raymond Miller Papers1945WSP000350
Theodore Miles Papers1942-1945WSP001961
Wayne State University Miles Modern Poetry Committee Records1946-1974WSR000150
Robert C. Moehlig M.D. Papers1919-1960WSP000577
Wayne State University Monteith College Committee Office of the Chairman Records1969-1970WSR000253
Wayne State University Monteith College Records1958-1972WSR000453
Joe L. Norris Papers1792-1958, bulk 1930-1952WSP000021
Rudolf J. Noer Papers1942-1945WSP000394
Wayne State University School of Medicine Occupational Therapy Department Records1944-1974 (bulk 1963-1965)WSR000355
Wayne State University Office of the Bursar Records1938-1976, bulk 1959-1966WSR000424
Wayne State University Office of the President Clarence B. Hilberry Records1928, 1930-1966 WSR000001
Wayne State University Office of the President Warren E. Bow Records1942-1945WSR00001B
Wayne State University Office of the President William Rea Keast Records1965-1971WSR001883
Wayne University Office of the President David D. Henry Records1933-1959WSR000001H
WSU Public Relations Department: Centennial Records1958-1968, bulk 1967-1968WSR002181
Delos L. Parker Papers1898WSP000399
Everett R. Phelps Papers1948-1961WSP000175
Phi Beta Kappa Wayne State University Chapter Records1950-1959, bulk 1950WSR000138
Pi Lambda Theta Records1939-1947WSR000010
Vergil Phelps Papers1864-1972, bulk 1924-1967WSP000403
Wayne State University Photograph Collectioncirca 1945-2003WSAV002643
Wayne University Physics and Physical Science Department Records1938-1958 [bulk 1946-1955]WSR000086
Louise Potter Papers1920-1924WSP000275
Preservation Wayne Records1975-2010, bulk 1977-2008WSR000604
Wayne State University President's Commission on the Status of Women Records1969-2006, bulk 1975-1994WSR000757
Wayne State University President's Reports1944-1954, 1998-2007WSR002145
Wayne State University Press Editorial Board Minutes and General Information Reports1941-1980WSR002143
Wayne State University Purdy Library Records1964-1984, bulk 1970-1980WSR000271
Wayne State University Quarter System Ad Hoc Committee Records1957WSR000286
Eloise Ramsey Papers1910-1958WSP000467
Haviland F. Reves Records1923-1971WSP000245
Wayne State University Registrar’s Office Records1935-1971, bulk 1957-1969WSR000627
Sarah Schilling Schooten Papers1921WSP000182
Wayne State University School of Medicine Department of Surgery Office of the Chairman Records1963-1969WSR000202
Wayne State University School of Medicine Student Directories1970-1975WSR002161
Wayne State University School of Occupational Health Office of the Dean: Raymond Hussey Records1945-1949WSR000067
Wayne University Scholarship Honor Society Records1929-1952WSR000023
Douglas R. Sherman Paperscirca 1965WSP000213
Boaz Siegel Papers1947-1950WSP000022
E. Ray Skinner Papers1932-1957WSP000162
Wayne State University School of Social Work Dean's Office Records1945-1971, bulk 1958-1969WSR000221
Wayne State University South End Newspapers1967-2014WSR001896
Wayne State University: The South End Newspapers Photographs1950-1990WSAV002779
Charles Spain Papers1919-1944WSP000016
Wayne State University Staff Association Records1956-1969LR000282
Wayne State University Student Activities Counseling: Student Organizations Files1931-1981WSR000205
Wayne State University Student Handbooks1921-2000WSR002157
Wayne State University Student-Faculty Council: Harold F. Powell Records1960-1961WSR000243
Wayne University Office of Student Personnel Records1925-1952, bulk 1942-1945WSR000099
William J. Stapleton, Jr. Papers1902-1961WSP000030
William R. Stocking, Jr. Papers1901-1956WSP000006
Wayne University Theaters Records1910, 1925-1953WSR000136
Frank G. Tompkins PapersundatedWSP000153
Dan Trivich Papers1954-1980WSP000569
William M. Trap Papers1937-1950WSP000348
Arthur C. Turgeon Papers1931WSP000188
Wayne State University Office of the Vice President for University Relations George E. Gullen Records1963-1972, bulk 1967-1971WSR000232
Wayne State University University Relations Division Records1936-1977WSR000005
Wayne State University University Services and Development Vice President William E. Stirton Records1935-1956, bulk 1952-1955WSR000576
Wayne State University Office of the Vice President and Treasurer Olin Thomas Records1928-1970, bulk 1949-1959WSR000155
Wayne State University Vice President for Student Affairs James McCormick Records1962-1968WSR000261
Alexander J. Walt Papers1962-1996WSP000732
Frank S. Walker Papers1896, 1905WSP000111
Wayne Engineering Research Institute Records1942-1961, bulk 1946-1957WSR000575
Wayne State University Wayne University Club Records1937-1971WSR000132
Wayne University Sociological Society Records1937-1952, bulk 1945-1952WSR000074
WDET Program Guides and Reports1951-2002WSR002162
Mary Elvira Weeks Papers1850-1978, bulk 1960-1978WSP000524
Alfred H. Whittaker Papers1940-1954UP000757
Marshall A. Wheatley Papers1941-1957WSP000014
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