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50 Years Later: the Kerner Commission and the Poor People's Campaign

... their disappointment with the federal government’s focus on the Vietnam War rather than the War on Poverty. They called this ... country as people mourned the loss of a central source of hope and pride. Despite the trauma caused by Dr. King's passing, leaders in ...

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Hidden Gem: A.G. and Marie Mezerik Papers

... are important medium-sized collections too, among them Focus Hope, the United Farm Workers and the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW). ...

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Collection Spotlight: Ramon S. Scruggs, Sr. Papers

... Scruggs from many other civil rights figures was his focus on improving racial equality through integrating African Americans into ... and the country took stock of his accomplishments. Our hope is that the collection raises awareness and produces greater insight into ...

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Guest Post: The Ronald Raven Annual Award, Fall 2014

... this internship as a joint History MA student with a focus on urban cities in post-1945 America and as a MLIS student, as this ... benefited the community as a whole, such as the Areas of Hope in a Divided World Conference. Detroit has been a city steeped in a ...

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