How do I pack my records?


Following are recommended methods of packing your records so that the papers are not damaged in transit. If you have any questions about packing your records, please ask an archivist.

Your records should be in folders within the box. We discourage hanging folders since they are expensive and will damage the box in route. We also discourage packing loose materials because without folders, the papers are unprotected and unorganized.

For organizations, the material in the boxes should be in sequential order. For example, if you have six file cabinets of materials: Box 1 should contain records from Cabinet 1, drawer 1; Box 2 should contain the remainder of drawer 1 and begin drawer 2, and so on. The last drawer of Cabinet 6 should be in the last box in the numerical sequence.

For individuals, if you have a filing system, please pack the boxes so as to maintain the order of the records as described in the paragraph above.

All materials should be packed securely, but not tightly, in strong packing boxes that are 12 in. x 15 in. x 10 in. only. Fill up empty space with newspaper so that materials do not slide, bend, or experience further damage in transit. Tape the boxes with strong tape.

DON’T pack your box like this, with loose, disorganized papers, poorly stacked, and folded:

DON’T pack a box like this with hanging folders that rip up the edges of the box:

DO pack a box like this with folders labeled, papers in folders, and an inventory of the box in the front: