Audiovisual Collection

The Audiovisual Collections at the Walter P. Reuther Library consist of still and moving photographic images, sound recordings, art work and artifacts. The collections focus on three major historical subject areas: American Labor, Metropolitan Detroit, and Wayne State University, and include materials pertaining to 20th century industrial unionism, social, political, and radical reform movements, civil rights, women in the workplace, and twentieth century Detroit history.

Ordering digital images or photographs:

To order digital images/photographs, please click on the Digital Image Request Form and fill it in. An AV Archivist will contact you with the specifics of your order.
Refer to the Reproduction and Use fees at the links below for pricing.

The Audiovisual Collections are open to the public by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment to view photographs, email AV Archivist Elizabeth Clemens ( To schedule an appointment to listen to audio recordings or view film or video collections, email AV Archivist Mary Wallace (

Direct AudioVisual reference questions by emailing us at:

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