Reading Room

Reading Room — Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 9:30am–noon, 1pm-3:30pm
CLOSED Saturday, Sunday, and all University Holidays
To schedule a research appointment, contact Kristen Chinery

Please contact Kristen Chinery to begin planning your visit, ask reference questions, and schedule a research appointment. Audiovisual collections are available to the public by appointment only. Patrons seeking secondary source material external to the Reuther's collections about Detroit-related subjects may wish to consult Thomas Klug's Detroit Bibliography.

All requests to pull boxes must be made onsite, advanced box request service is no longer available. Please work with Reuther archivists to plan your duplication requests.


  1. A signed researcher form is required for access to collections.
  2. Items such as a briefcase, portfolio, notebook, coat, computer case, purse, backpack, etc. must be stored in a locker outside the Reading Room.
  3. Pencil, computer, or audio recording devices may be used for taking notes. Pens and scanners of any type are prohibited.
  4. All materials are to be used only in the Reading Room.
  5. To request materials, please fill out a call slip, complete with accession number, and give it to the archivist on duty.
  6. Use only one box at a time. Remove only one folder from a box at a time. Use “Out Cards” (available at the archivist’s desk) to mark the folder’s place within the box.
  7. Do not fold, write on, or otherwise damage the papers. Please turn pages carefully.
  8. The exact order and arrangement of the materials in the collections must be maintained. Make sure all sheets are straight and that no page edges protrude from the folder before returning the folder to the box.
  9. If any mistake is discovered, please call it to the attention of a staff member. Do not rearrange items or remove anything from folders.
  10. Patrons may not eat, drink, or talk on cell phones in the Reading Room.
  11. When citing materials, please use the full name of the collection and of the Library. In the event that this research becomes a source for publication, the Library requests a copy of the publication. Example: The John Doe Collection, Box 9, Folder 23, Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs (or University Archives), Wayne State University.


For the purpose of collection preservation, digital imaging is the default option for reproduction of materials in the Reading Room.

  1. There is a digital imaging fee of $10.00 per day, plus tax*. There is no charge to patrons taking up to ten images, or to WSU undergraduate students.
  2. Patrons may use a digital camera, cell phone, or tablet to take images. The Reuther Library does not have cameras available for patron use.
  3. Patrons are responsible for recording information about the images they take on the Digital Image Request Sheet.
  4. Flash photography is not permitted.
  5. Tripod use is permitted so long as other patrons, and their research space, are not disturbed. Patrons are prohibited from placing tripods on archival material.
  6. Patrons must request publication-quality images of any material from the Reuther Library at its standard fees.
  7. *To qualify for tax exemption, an official IRS tax exempt letter is required.

Campus Map and Parking
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