Archives and Primary Resource Education Lab

Reuther Library staff member Meghan Courtney discusses the use of primary resources in research to a visiting class

Due to staff vacancy, custom instruction sessions are not being offered during this time. To request a tour of the archives, please contact at least one week ahead of time to ensure staff availability.

The Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, is the home to thousands of archival collections documenting the international labor movement, urban and political life in Southeast Michigan, and Wayne State University. In order to ensure that these archives are available to the broadest possible audience and that we are improving the impact of our efforts, the Reuther Library, as part of the Wayne State Library System, has established the Archives and Primary Resource Education Lab (APREL).

APREL Vision:
Primary source education is transformative and trains communities to make informed decisions based in evidence.

Primary source instruction has the ability to positively impact student success at all levels.

We can empower community members with critical thinking and information literacy training through the lens of primary source education.

Greater access to primary source material that reflects users’ interests and cultures while challenging their preconceptions allows us to grow as a society.

APREL Objectives:

  • Train learners of all ages to understand and evaluate sources of information from unique and often disparate perspectives
  • Promote the use of primary sources on Wayne State’s campus, in regional K-12 schools, and online through educational tool development
  • Study the impacts of primary source education on student success for various constituent groups

  • Serve as a focal point for innovative primary source education, offering instruction, embedded archivist services, and curriculum development support

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