Reuther Mission, Vision, and Values Statements


The Walter P. Reuther Library collects and facilitates access to historical documentary evidence in order to inspire academic research, serve the information needs of the community, and build knowledge at Wayne State University.


The Walter P. Reuther Library will be an archival leader, connecting users with necessary resources to understand the history and evolving landscape of the American Labor Movement, metropolitan and urban Detroit, and Wayne State University.


Diversity: We embrace a plurality of viewpoints, collections, and archival audiences.

Engagement: We encourage access and collaboration in learning amongst our peers, colleagues, and researchers.

Professionalism: We promote a respectful environment, advocating both individual and team accountability and transparency.

Service: We deliver exemplary assistance to all of our stakeholders.

Social Responsibility: We provide egalitarian access to collections of both the marginalized and the empowered.