AFA Washington, D.C.: McDonald v. UAL Case Records

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McDonald v. UAL was part of a series of legal cases involving United Air Lines (UAL), their former flight attendants, and the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA). The cases centered around flight attendants who lost their job due to UAL’s no-marriage policy of the 1950s and 1960s in which the company insisted that their female flight attendants remain unmarried. If a stewardess married she had to transfer to a ground job, was forced to resign, or was fired. Previous cases against UAL included Mary Sprogis and Carole Romasanta, but these only involved flight attendants who had been fired or had filed a grievance. In 1977, Liane Buix McDonald filed another class action, this one to include all stewardesses who were fired, resigned, or transferred from the flight attendant position due to the no-marriage ruling. These records originated from the AFA’s Washington, D. C. Legal office and cover the period of 1980-89 and include court documents, correspondence, research and UAL seniority lists.

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