Diana Madden SWE Grassroots Oral History Interview, Clip 3, 2009

Diana Madden describes her experiences as a female electrical engineering student at Drexel University in the early 2000s. While there were many female students and professors in her mathematics courses, there were very few in her engineering classes. Madden is a member of the Society of Women Engineers Philadelphia Section, and the SWE Counselor for the Drexel University Collegiate Section.

This oral history interview was recorded October 15, 2009 at the Society of Women Engineers WE09 Annual Conference in Long Beach, California, as part of the SWE Grassroots Oral History Project. The interviewer is Troy Eller. This excerpt was selected and produced by the SWE Archivist. The excerpt may have been edited for length, however the intent of the interviewee's words remain the same. Audio excerpts may be used for research and educational purposes only.