Stacey DelVecchio SWE Grassroots Oral History Interview, Clip 3, 2010

Stacey DelVecchio explains that she had a supportive family and did not particularly feel gender discrimination as a female engineering student in the 1980s. She started to understand the need for organizations like the Society of Women Engineers after she was passed over for a promotion, received a cold shoulder from coworkers after receiving a promotion, and heard male coworkers say that they didn’t care if their daughters got degrees because they were going to marry wealthy boyfriends. She offers a story about her five-year-old nephew deciding that women could be engineers “as long as the boys get the corner office.” DelVecchio, a manager at Caterpillar, Inc., is the 2013-2014 president of the Society of Women Engineers.

This oral history interview was recorded November 3, 2010 at the Society of Women Engineers WE10 Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, as part of the SWE Grassroots Oral History Project. The interviewer is Troy Eller. This excerpt was selected and produced by the SWE Archivist. The excerpt may have been edited for length, however the intent of the interviewee's words remain the same. Audio excerpts may be used for research and educational purposes only.