(30889) Copper Country Strike, Violence, "Seeberville Affair," 1913

An exterior view #17 Second Street in Seeberville, the boarding house where Alois Tijan and Steve Putrich were killed. The people in the image are assumed to be the extended family of the men and other boarders.

On August 14, 1913 a group of sheriff’s deputies visited the home with the intention of arresting one of the boarders who had “trespassed” on company property while taking a shortcut home. The suspect, John Kalan, resisted arrest and went inside the house. As the deputies prepared to leave, someone tossed a bowling pin at the officers. The deputies opened fire into the crowded home, killing Tijan and Putich and injuring two others. The people inside the house were unarmed.

(30889) Copper Country Strike, Violence, "Seeberville Affair," 1913