(6565) Strikes, New Jersey Chemical Company, Violence, 1915

Three men carry a wounded man down rail tracks after a battle between strikers and sheriff deputies during the New Jersey Chemical Company Strike. The location is listed as both Roosevelt and Middlesex, New Jersey

Caption from the photo reads: “Fifty of the striking employees of American Agricultural Chemical Co. at this place were shot by deputy sheriffs in a pitched battle. Thirteen of the strikers are in the hospital. One is dead and three are dying. The picture shows one of the strikers wounded in the fray being carried off the field of action accompanied by a policeman. An investigation of the shooting is now in course of progress. It is said that a number of alleged ‘gunmen’ from New York who were employed as deputies are mainly responsible for the shooting.”

Courtesy of the Edward Levinson Collection

(6565) Strikes, New Jersey Chemical Company, Violence, 1915