UFW Canadian Boycott: Winnipeg Office Records

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The UFW Canadian Boycott documents the operations and activities of the Winnipeg branch of the United Farm Workers boycott operations between the years of 1970 and 1974. The two major boycotts of that era were, grapes and grape-products produced by employers of non-union labor, and another concerning non-union lettuce, as well as other smaller campaigns. Fred Schumacher headed the Winnipeg office.

Material found in this collection reflects the work of Fred Schumacher and office’s goal to organize the greater Winnipeg area and other Canadian regions to participate in larger boycotts against agricultural growers that employed non-union labor and engaged in what the UFW deemed “unfair practices.” Those the office tried to organize include local grocery and liquor stores, political figures, religious organizations and churches, as well as the general public.

1961-1974, bulk 1971-1973
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