Wayne State University: University Council and Academic Senate Meeting Records

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The Detroit Board of Education established the University Council in 1933 in order to facilitate the participation of university faculty in overall planning. The University Council was largely ineffectual until 1939 when it was reorganized under the direction of Vice President David Henry. In 1945, Henry, now President of Wayne University, authorized the University Council to pass judgement in the following areas: "changes in the scope of the University's work, such as the formation of a new school or college; policies related to instruction which are intercollege in their nature; University-wide personnel policies; and broad questions of student welfare." In 1990 the Council was renamed the Academic Senate.

The Academic Senate, as of 2014, is comprised of six members at large elected by the University academic community, and representatives of each school and college, the University Library System, and the Division of Academic Affairs, elected to the Senate in proportion to the number of full-time positions in these units. The Academic Senate currently has 83 members.

This collection consists of meeting minutes, agendas, proceedings, and reports of the University Council (1939-1990) and the Academic Senate (1990-2002).

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