Edward A. Wieck Papers

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Papers of a one-time coal miner and miners' union officer. In his later years, Mr. Wieck was a research associate in the Department of Industrial Studies of the Russell Sage Foundation. The author of several articles and books mainly concerned with coal mining, Mr. Wieck also wrote reports on the automobile, rubber, and steel industries under the NRA. His research materials form part of this collection. Handbills, correspondence, proceedings, and clippings document the attempt to organize coal miners from the time of the Knights of Labor to the days of John L. Lewis. There are many items pertaining to the American Miners' Association. Among the correspondents are Louis Brandeis, James Carey, Samuel Gompers, Max Lerner, John L. Lewis, T.L. Lewis, Robert M. Lovett, H.I. Mencken, Theodore Roosevelt, and Oswald Garrison Villard.

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