(4870) William "Big Bill" Haywood, Trial, Courtroom Scene, Idaho, 1907

A scene in the courtroom as Harry Orchard is cross-examined during William “Big Bill” Haywood’s murder trial. Haywood was tried on murder charges in the assassination of former Idaho Governor Frank Steunenberg.

Courtroom participants are identified by number:
1) Harry Orchard, in witness chair. 2) John Murphy, Attorney for the defense. 3). W.H. Miner, Haywood’s father-in-law. 4) unidentified. 5) Verne Haywood, Haywood’s younger daughter. 6) Miss Carruthers, Haywood’s half-sister. 7) Leon Whitzell, clerk for the defense. 8) Peter Breen, attorney for the defense. 9) Clarence S. Darrow, attorney for the defense. 10) Mrs.Carruthers, Haywood’s mother. 11) William Haywood. 12) John Nugent, attorney for the defense. 13) E.F. Richardsen cross examines Orchard. 14) H.L. Crane, representative of Boise Statesan. 15) Martin Egan, Associated Press. 16) R.J. Kennedy, Associated Press. 17) “Libbie”, court stenographer 18) Phelps, court reporter. 19) W.A. Stone, attorney for the prosecution. 20) W.E. Borah, attorney for the prosecution.

(4870) William "Big Bill" Haywood, Trial, Courtroom Scene, Idaho, 1907